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Choose from a variety of Glass Garden Rooms

Glass Garden Rooms are usually found in a comfortable corner in your front or backyard while it is used to serve a number of purposes from leisure to official work. Glass Garden Rooms UK are very flexible and can be used all year round with many added benefits. It helps you not only in various types of businesses but also as a relaxing pad within a natural outdoor environment.

You can also use Glass Garden Room as a centre point in your garden while creating the natural surroundings that will later help you build a greener future. Glass structures usually provide a cleaner environment allowing you to enjoy nature in all its glory. However, we provide a variety of Garden Rooms UK providing you many benefits such as the ease of travelling to your own garden, save money on rent and travelling, save time on travelling, while also making it a portable asset with a very satisfactory guarantee period.

You can browse through our gallery and decide on the style of Garden Rooms UK that you will require and contact us immediately.

A Room In The Garden is a dream for many people who are desperate for extra space to expand their leisure or business time.

Alex has decided to offer rental Garden Offices and Garden Studios. Alex is committed to giving everyone the opportunity to have a room in the garden. This came about because a friend of Alex’s runs a Beauty Therapist Business from their home.

She said to Alex…”I love your Studios but I can’t afford one. If I had one, I would probably be able to earn an extra £100 per week because I could do “Tanning” which I can’t offer at the moment.”

This got Alex thinking.

So he said, “If you pay for the installation of the Studio, I’ll rent you a Garden Studio for 6 months. See how you get on, and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll simply collect the Garden Studio and you’ll have no more to pay.”

Alex’s friend jumped at the opportunity and will soon have a Garden Studio installed in which she can offer her New “Tanning” Service. Over time, she’s hoping that the extra income will eventually cover the Garden Studio rental and the initial installation costs. Once they are covered, she will have a valuable extra income. If it doesn’t work out, she will simply call Alex and have the Garden Studio collected.

So a quality room in the garden is slowly becoming a realistic option with Alex’s latest innovation in the world of Garden Studios & Garden office’s. Renting office space anywhere can be expensive, especially if you live in London so renting a professional office for your garden could make a lot of sense.

Contact Iain for more information on this exciting opportunity. Iain’s number is 07590 067 120 or you can email him on iain@boothsgardenstudios.co.uk or simply fill in our contact us form.

Alex & Amanda Lamb - filming a room in the garden for My Flat Pack Home TV programme

Alex & Amanda Lamb - filming a room in the garden for My Flat Pack Home TV programme

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