Portable Superior Garden Studio

11 Year Guarantee

Truly Zero Maintenance

No Deposit Required

Photo1: The New QCB Zero Maintenance Portable Affordable Garden Office with prices starting at £8000 including Vat and delivery up to 100 miles. 

This latest design from Alex comes in 4 sizes - 8' x 8' (2440mm x 2440mm), 12' x 8' (3640mm x 2440mm), 16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) and 20' x 8' (6010mm x 2440mm).

It also comes in various colours. You get the full story if you click here.

Photo 2:  Interior of 12' x 8' (3660mm x 2440mm) QCB garden office

Photo 3:  8mm V Groove Oak Finish Laminate In The QCB Garden Office

Photo 4:  Light Strip used in the QCB garden office. This uses GU10 bulbs which are moveable along the strip and completely adjustable. The GU10 fittings can use LED bulbs.

Photo 5:  QCB garden office showing an open Tilt window for ventilation.

 You get the full story if you click here.

This is a 12' x 8' (3660mm x 2440mm) QCB which costs £9000 including installation and Vat. The expense of a concrete foundation is not required. Simply email your postcode to get the cost of delivery for your 12' x 8' QCB. 

Photo 6:  16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) QCB garden studio with anthracite windows, corners and fascias and merlin grey walls. These are the standard colours. 

Photo 7: 16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) QCB garden office with anthracite grey windows, corners and fascia and merlin (light) grey walls

Photo 8:  16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) QCB garden office with anthracite grey windows and merlin grey walls

Photo 9:  16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) QCB garden office with anthracite grey finish

Photo 10:  12' x 8' (3660mm x 2440mm) QCB garden office with anthracite grey windows. merlin grey walls and light oak corners and fascia. Note the small connector box on the side of the QCB where the armoured mains cable attaches. Once attached, it powers up the interior fuse box, double sockets and lighting.

Photo 11:  Matthew & Helena sent me this lovely photo of their 16' x 8' QCB sitting at the end of their London garden.

Photo 12:  Dawn Adams had a 16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) QCB garden office installed in her garden and said...

"I’m over the moon with the studio, it looks beautiful.

Many thanks"


Photo 13:  Thank you Booths, this is my new 16 x 8 studio!

It took the guys 2 days to complete and I love it and it's getting a lot of attention on my facebook page, everyone loves it! Thank you Iain for answering all my questions and thank you Matthew, Steve and Liam for doing such a great job of building the studio and being genuinely nice guys! You guys are an asset to Booths!

Jackie, Hastings.

Photo 14:  Rosie said...

Good morning Iain,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased we are with our garden office install.

You can see some more photos of Rosie's QCB garden office by clicking here...

Photo 15:   Interior Of QCB 16' x 8' Garden Office (4880mm x 2440mm) sent to me by Matthew and Helena Green.

Many thanks Matthew and Helena!

Photo 16:   20' x 8' QCB garden studio (6.1m x 2.44m) garden office

Photo 17: 16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) QCB garden office with anthracite windows and walls with oak corners and fascia.

Close Up Of 16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) QCB Garden Office

sent in by Gregg Price who said...

Hi Carmen,

Firstly could you pass on our thanks again to the guys who fitted the studio, they were fantastic and I wish they worked for me lol!
We were amazed at how well they worked and how they managed to get everything finished in 1 (long) day.

Gregg Price Garden Office...

"We absolutely love it, and can’t wait to get our garden finished so the kids can start using it. We have shown a few friends and they, like us, were all blown away by it."

Hi Carmen.  I’ve included two photos to show you how well the QCB looks after we had the paving done and added a bit of a decking step that I stained as well as some really good fake grass. Please show the install team how well its turned out. 
In fact it impressed our friends so much that they’ve gone and ordered one too (Abraham Williams). Apparently you’re installing in May.
As for Sandra, yes no problem. Give her my number and we can arrange for her to pop over.


Paul Vaughan

Big thanks to Paul for his lovely comments and helping spread the word!