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The outside corner pillar lights are stainless steel which in normal circumstances is very resistant to corrosion but some maintenance is required to maintain their high-quality appearance. This simply means wiping them down (with the mains switched off!) with a soapy cloth - then wipe dry, and then ideally, wipe with a soft cloth soaked with a little protective oil. This will keep the elements at bay and keep them looking great. Do note, though...

If you live in an area of extreme environmental conditions, such as by the sea, near industrial pollution, or where there is acid rain, then you will need to do this 4 times a year. 

If you forget to do this (sign up to our free "owners newsletter" and we will remind you when this needs doing) and there is some corrosion, then non-abrasive cream cleaners should be used to remove this - then wash and dry and wipe down with a cloth soaked in oil. Best not letting it get to that stage though. 

Hope this helps.

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The photo below is the PIR version of the pillar light.

Garden office PIR outside pillar light