The UK’s Biggest Selling Zero Maintenance Garden Studios…

NOW AVAILABLE TO RENT! – Rent A Home Garden Office through Us. As well as being the most popular Zero Maintenance Studio in the UK to buy, you can now also rent one of our smaller Garden Offices (up to 9′ x 9′) if you don’t have the cash…

Booths can offer rental Garden Studios because the QC Garden Studio is the only Garden Room that is Truly Zero Maintenance and Fully Portable. Many suppliers of Timber Garden Rooms claim “Zero Maintenance” but this is not true. The Timber may not rot – but the Timber “look” will slowly fade as each year goes by. This is why Alex and Brian stopped us supplying Timber Garden Studios in January 2012 and why we are now able to offer the QC Studio in a rental situation – it’s look will not deteriorate.

9' x 9' QT5 Garden Office Pod from Booths Garden Studios

9' x 9' QT5 Garden Office Pod from Booths Garden Studios

If you have excess space in your garden and you are a professional working from home, you can immediately transform it to a Garden Office Space by renting one of our Garden Office Buildings.

The concept of having an office in the garden has increasingly become a popular trend in the UK mainly due to the rise of land and building prices. There are millions of people who operate their businesses from home, saving on transport costs as well as the staggering rentals that you have to pay within city limits.

Home Garden Rooms are an innovative and intelligent form of helping out the environment as well as your savings while having your office in the garden creates a better and peaceful mindset in order for you to be more productive. We offer you well insulated garden rooms which comply with the most up to date Building Regulations.

Garden Rooms for Rental are up to a 9′ x 9′ Interior size (2.7m x 2.7m). That’s 11’2″ x 11′ 2″ (3.38m x 3.38m) external footprint.

Our Rental structures allow you to make the entire home and garden setting look professional and pleasing to the eye for a fraction of the cost of buying a Garden Studio.

For well Insulated Garden Rooms – Booth Garden Studios is the Right Choice – THEY COMPLY WITH CURRENT BUILDING REGULATIONS…

If you are a creative professional, the ambience that comes along with home garden rooms is a fantastic boost towards attracting prospective customers. The outdoor surrounding of your garden room space offers you and your customers a pro environment to conduct your business, and if you have young children, then they won’t be distracting you during an important phone call.

Having your office in the garden is affordable while it benefits you and the environment you live in. With well insulated garden rooms, our units include modern lighting systems and laminated flooring. Renting out a Garden Room Building has never been this convenient.

Why has Alex decided to offer rental Garden Rooms and Garden Studios?

A Room In The Garden is a dream for many people who are desperate for extra space to expand their leisure or business time.

Alex is committed to giving everyone the opportunity to have a room in the garden. This came about because a friend of Alex’s (Dianne) runs a Beauty Therapist Business from her home.

Dianne said to Alex…“I love your Studios but I can’t afford one. If I had one, I would probably be able to earn an extra £100 per week because I could do “Tanning” which I can’t offer at the moment.”

This got Alex thinking.

So he said, “If you pay for the installation of the Studio, I’ll rent you a Garden Studio for 6 months. See how you get on, and if it doesn’t work out, I’ll simply collect the Garden Studio and you’ll have no more to pay.”

Diane jumped at the opportunity and now has a Garden Studio installed (see photos attached) in which she can offer her New “Tanning” Service. She now easily covers her rent and says her business has quadrupled. You can see Iain discuss this with Diane and Alex in some Case Study videos here.

So a quality room in the garden is slowly becoming a realistic option with Alex’s latest innovation in the world of Garden Studios & Garden Rooms. Renting office space anywhere can be expensive, especially if you live in London so renting a professional office for your garden could make a lot of sense if you haven’t got the cash to hand.

Contact Iain for more information on this exciting opportunity. Iain’s number is 07590 067 120 or you can email him on or simply fill in our contact us section here 

Alex with Amanda Lamb, in the middle of a Studio installation as seen on TV.