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Booths Garden Studios, 11 St Marks Road, Corby, Northants, NN18 8AN


This guarantee is valid from the date where full payment has been made and only applies to UK mainland installations which don't require a ferry. If only part payment is made, your guarantee is reduced to a standard 1 year. If you make full payment your new Garden Annexe has a 25-year guarantee on its exterior structure - if you have any issues with the external structure, we will sort this at no cost to you* providing you follow the guidelines below.


Please note - there will be a degree of colour fading - please see note below for more detail. *

Please also note that any "skirting" installed to hide a gap between your studio and the ground has to touch the ground so only has a conventional 1yr guarantee. An air gap of at least 50mm must be maintained below your annexe to prevent condensation and rising damp. If you fill in the gap without vents, then this guarantee is void. 


The exterior includes the studio base, exterior walls, window/door frames, and exterior roof of your garden annexe - except for the exterior "skirt" which is sometimes installed to fill the gap between your studio and the ground. Your annexe interior, it’s fittings, lights, sockets, and the window/door sealed units have a 5-year guarantee. This does not include door adjustment which has a 12-month guarantee and any electrical or plumbed units like boilers, taps, showers or water heaters also have a conventional 1 year guarantee. 


We do not recommend the installation of a sedum roof on the annexe and if this has been done it would void this warranty. The roof also requires annual inspections, as is good practice with waterproofing systems, to ensure continued security and performance. Any build-up of leaves, moss or weeds should be removed at least annually to comply with this guarantee. Roofs coated in dead leaves and moss will not be guaranteed and we will charge for fixing these neglected roofs. 


In annexes, a dehumidifier is supplied and this must be used at 40% humidity setting. This maintains a healthy comfortable humidity for you and your annexe. If you do not use the dehumidifier then the 25 year guarantee is null and void and a conventional 1 year warranty would be in place. Retrospective fittings installed by the customer will also reduce the guarantee to 12 months - for example, installing your own kitchen or plastering the interior walls.


Please note that our busiest months are May till December, so the time taken to attend a service call may be a little longer than normal. 


Also please note that this guarantee is not transferable to another person and is void if any work is undertaken on your studio by anyone other than Booths Garden Studios. This includes moving your garden annexe to a new location.


Please get in touch if you have any issues.


Many thanks for your support and we look forward to a long relationship.


Alex Booth. 



Keys point from manufacturer's specification sheet.


Re studio steel walls:

*Durability — under normal conditions, the product will perform effectively with a life expectancy in excess of 25 years. If you live within 2kms of the coast a decision to repaint may be required after 15 years. PLEASE NOTE: the steel "oak" has a 5 year durability or 3 years in coastal positions - it may fade after that time. 


As with any building near trees, leaves will need to be cleared to avoid blockages in the downpipes and the drip trays at the bottom of your studio walls. Your studio has a gravel topping which helps stop the downpipes becoming clogged but the leaves will still need clearing so that the built-in guttering, drip trays and downpipes work efficiently. Callouts for blocked downpipes or roofs with excessive moss or weeds will be chargeable. 


Other work can only be done with approval from Booths Garden Studios with qualified tradesmen. Also, if you install kitchens or showers or any other major fixture or fitting inside your studio, this will void the portability of your studio and reduce your guarantee from 25 years to a standard 1 year guarantee.. All of our interior fixtures and fittings are designed with portability and the control of humidity in mind.


The importance of using the dehumidifier in your annexe cannot be overstated. As far as buildings are concerned...water is the root of all entropy. It makes chemical reactions everywhere you don't want them. It consumes wood, erodes masonry, corrodes metals, peels paint, expands when it freezes, permeates everywhere when it evaporates. It warps, swells, discolours, rusts, loosens, mildews, and smells. 


Buildings deteriorate from the bathroom out. That is why you must respect the power of moisture and diligently use the dehumidifier and extractor fans supplied with your annexe. If they break down, have them repaired as soon as possible to maintain the fabric of your annexe. If these items are outside of your guarantee you can still contact us and we will do our best to do a service call as soon as possible. 


Also note that if your drainage includes a pump station then you must not put wet wipes down the annexe toilet. If there is a fault with a pump station due to wet wipes being flushed down the toilet then repairing this will be chargeable. 

The pump has a standard 1 year guarantee.