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Alex is obsessed with garden room and garden office design.

He was given a "Smarta" Award for being the most innovative company in the garden room and garden office industry.

Alex and Deborah Meaden

The Smarta Award was for “game changers" and the panel of judges included Deborah Meaden from Dragons Den.

Booths were seen as the company at the forefront of a massive new demand for garden offices and garden rooms. The figures back this up showing that Booths turned over half a million in 2009, but have boosted this to selling to over £4 M worth of garden rooms in 2018 - from tiny offices all the way up to large annexe or fitness rooms. Most of this growth during a relatively slow economic outlook for the UK economy.


This is Alex's very first "Garden Studio" from 1999...

Alex Booth Very First Garden Studio

It annoyed him that he couldn't take it with him when he moved house so he vowed then to always design garden studios which are portable.

I knew Alex when he had the original vision to see just how popular garden rooms were going to be. He built me one of his first garden offices - a building I still use to this day. So it's pretty amazing to look back at how Alex started from zero and presently has a company turning over £4 million and employing 35 people. He's come a long way.

Alex proudly showing off his latest lorry artwork...

Booths Garden Studios Lorry with Alex Booth

Alex's "QC" garden office design has been the backbone of this growth.

The "QC" stands for "quarter century" since the design is zero maintenance for at least 25 years. After his obsession with garden office and garden rooms, Alex's spare time is spent with his family - "nothing is more important or enjoyable than being with your family".


Alex Booth & Amanda Lamb during Filming for the TV Programme – “My Flat Pack Home”


Alex asked…

“Why spend thousands on a building that you can’t take with you? By making the Studio portable, it increases it’s value as an asset. If you move home, you can take it with you, or if you stop using it, you can sell it on. Being a portable building increases it’s second hand value. You don’t suffer the massive depreciation that can occur when you sell your house and the buyer has no interest in your expensive UNMOVEABLE garden room.”

The obsession Alex has for the whole concept of grden rooms, garden studios and garden offices have driven Booths to the number one supplier of Zero Maintenance Garden Rooms in the UK, and now even rent garden offices to customers who's cash flow is stretched.

Renting out garden offices is all part of Alex’s plan to give everyone the opportunity to have an extra room. Extra space which can transform the day to day quality of your leisure or business.

This was prompted by a friend of Alex who said, “I’d love one of your garden studios for my business – if I had one, I could do “Tanning” (she runs a Beauty Salon from home) and probably earn an extra £100 per week, but I haven’t got the money to buy one.”

So Alex suggested:

“If you pay for the installation and then pay me a rent, see how you get on for 6 months and if it doesn’t stack up for you, I’ll take it back.”

Needless to say – it’s an offer Alex’s friend couldn’t refuse and she was very soon adding an asset to her business and earning extra income whilst working at home.


This photo shows Alex latest design - the QCB Annexe which can be "L" shaped.

This can be installed under permitted development as it is portable...

L shaped QCB Garden Annexe Granny Annexe


Alex actually started out supplying and building conservatories and has worked for “Fairline Boats”, makers of millionaire yachts.

It was after building an office shed at the bottom of his garden, that he realized the full benefits of not working in the house…

He felt “more in control”, rather than the business controlling him.

He felt he made better decisions, with better concentration, and more productivity.

It was this “aha”, that made Alex determined to design an affordable, insulated, portable, attractive garden office. (He never thought he’d be turning over million of pounds doing it)

The cheaper end of the garden office market in the UK were simply sheds with more insulation, or single skin buildings like log cabins, which don’t actually have much “log” and are more “plank cabins” than log. This meant Alex started from scratch. He didn’t run a shed business or log cabin business so he started with a fresh outlook to the situation.


This photo shows the 16' x 8' QCB garden office and garden room.

16' x 8' QCB garden room and garden office


Alex knew that famous authors such as Roald Dahl, Jeffrey Archer, Dylan Thomas and Philip Pullman preferred the concentration zone that such an environment could give.  He set about designing a garden office with the following key features; portable, insulated, secure, attractive, installed in hours, free standing, provide a professional working atmosphere, and most of all VALUE FOR MONEY.

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In his spare time, Alex likes to paint and has worked with Geoff Kersey, the watercolour specialist...

Geoff Kersey specialist in painting oils with Alex Booth

The video below is one of the first videos Alex did for Booths way back in 2009...


Hi Iain/Alex/Carmen/Justin

Hope that you are all well.
This is just a quick email to say how delighted we are after the installation of our new booths garden studio.

From the offset, the whole experience and service from you guys has really been second-to-none.
We want to say a special big thanks to your friendly installation team of Matt, Ollie and Darren (hope I remembered the names properly) who were an absolute pleasure to deal with.

We will endeavour to send you updated pictures of the building when we have finished the decking and extras around the studio.

Many thanks once again for all help and assistance and we look forward to speaking with you very soon.

Kind Regards

Andrew & Kim.