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(AC tips at bottom of this page:-)

In the video below, I explain how to work out if your garden studio windows are north facing. If they are north facing it's less likely you'll' need the cooling aspect of an air conditioner in your garden office although with the extreme summers we are having, an AC is always welcome:-)...(see my comments at the bottom of this page, about costs)


Alex and I discuss the Air Conditioning Units in the videos below...  

1. Internal Unit -

Rob Booth, Alex twin brother, handles the Air Conditioning installation, servicing and guarantees with his company.

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Alex and I discuss the outside AC Unit...


The piping for the external outside AC can be extended if required.

Alex and I discuss this here...


Larger AC Spec

STANDARD AC UNIT SPEC (installed in 95% of Garden Studios)...


LARGE AC UNIT SPEC (installed in very large Garden Studios)...




As well as an annual service...

You should also check the dust filters every 3 months and clean by hoovering with a brush or wash in warm water with a small amount of washing up liquid. Leave to dry naturally.

Turn off your AC power at the mains the check that your outdoor unit has no trees or twigs interfering with the blades. Wash the fins gently with a hosepipe to remove grit and dust. Allow to dry before turning mains back on.


The extreme weather we are having and the extreme electricity costs make the case for having an AC installed, even stronger.

As a guide to AC costs...(14.1 p is an old rate now!)

A/C. 10 year cost including purchase at 14.1p per kWh £2,600
Conventional 3.2 kw electric radiator with built in thermostat control and hand held remote.
10 year cost including purchase at 14.1p per kWh £5,280 and no cooling facility.
This doesn't allow for the fact that the cooling mode still uses electric and so you would have
to allow for that. 
I believe the AC purchase is more of a "comfort" decision as the room is generally more comfortable than having a conventional electric heater. In fact, as I write, it's 30 degrees outside - yes - the UK's hottest day so far this year but I'm very comfortable with my AC gently cooling me and making work a pleasure rather than a drain!
Also, bear in mind that an AC can be fitted retrospectively so you could try a summer and winter without it and see how you go.

Hope this helps.
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