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alex booth and sarah beeny


Alex chatted with Sarah Beeny at an awards evening held in London. Sarah is famous for her many property shows and is considered an expert in the property world.



Alex being the random chap that he is, discussed the design of the Kings Cross toilets with Sarah.

Alex is passionate about all design aspects as well as garden studios.

He pointed out the fact that millions of pounds have been spent on revamping and restoring the facilities at Kings Cross station - but there aren't enough ladies loos!

Plenty of toilets for the men - never any queues for them, but an often never ending queue for the ladies. Alex can't believe that they could spend so much time and money on a major project like that, and get something like that - so wrong.  Sarah - having been subject to queing at Kings Cross of course agreed.

Alex met Sarah at the "Smarta Awards" held in London where companies were being recognised as game changers. Booths Garden Studios were very kindly given an award. The judging panel included Deborah Meadan from "Dragons Den" so a good evening was had by all.