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Hi there,


Iain here to tell you about a 12' x 8' (3660mm x 2440mm) QCB Garden Studio which is used as a summerhouse in a beautiful garden at Folkstone on the south east coast...

QCB garden studio used as a summerhouse


The 12' x 8' QCB garden studio has 4 full length windows allowing lots of light into the summerhouse.

The configuration on this frontage layout is "Tilt window - Fixed Window - Door - Fixed Window".

The tilt window allows for fresh air ventilation...

Close up of the 12' x 8' garden studio being used as a summerhouse



The photograph below shows this garden studio summerhouse has the standard QCB wall colour of Merlin grey which is a light grey and a nice modern contrast to the darker Anthracite grey of the windows and corner pillars.

(Other colours are available for the QCB garden studio but for an extra cost.)

Merlin Grey walls on the QCB garden studio summerhouse


This photograph shows the interior lighting track positioned above the garden studio windows and door.

All of the bulbs can be individually adjusted so you can point them exactly where you wish.

The bulbs are LED low wattage long life and very bright...

QCB garden studio summerhouse photo showing the interior lighting track


Close up of the LED light used in the QCB garden studio summerhouse


The photograph below shows the Consumer unit or Fuse box as it's more commonly known along with the light switch.

The light switch is a double light switch - one for the interior light track and one if you decide to have the exterior up/down lights...

The consumer unit in a QCB garden studio summerhouse


This photograph shows an up/down light which has a pir sensor. We now only supply this light without the pir sensor as the reliability of the pir version wasn't good.

This pillar light can be switched on and off with the interior light switch.

We always provide a double light switch in case you want the outside pillar lights but please note that adding the pillar lights at a later date is not an option since this would require the roof coming off to give access to the cable channels.

So if you want the outside lights please make sure you order them when ordering your garden studio.

Garden Studio Summerhouse Outside Light


The photograph below shows the downpipe at the rear of the QCB garden studio.

It is positioned on the end of the garden studio because if your QCB is installed in a tight area then it is easier to get access to the down pipe...

QCB garden studio summerhouse with a downpipe set to the side rather than centrally


As this garden studio was installed on an existing concrete base with varying levels Jack wanted some skirting installed on the front of their studio. Again, please note that if you think you will need skirting at the bottom of your QCB garden studio it is best to order this when your studio is being installed. It is a far bigger job to have it installed afterwards...

QCB garden studio summerhouse showing skirting installed at the bottom


If you would like a QCB like Jacks at the end of your garden simply contact us here for a floor plan and quotation.

Cute QCB garden studio summerhouse at the end of a garden


I hope this has helped!


Many thanks to Jack and Tessa for their time and cups of tea:-)