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One of our customers, John, very kindly emailed us 5 months after his garden studio was installed.

He said...


Hi Iain and Derek

Just thought I'd report that we are very pleased with our garden studio which you installed in October. It was well used over Christmas when my son and his wife came to stay and they reported it to be warm and cosy. The construction team did a great job and we were impressed by their hard work, care and attention to detail.

A few pictures attached of the final product.

Please can you forward this to Alex and thank him also. I don't have his email address.



12' x 9' (3640mm x 2730mm) QC6 Garden Studio With Flyover Roof And Decking


John had an air conditioning unit installed in his garden studio which you can see on the right wall at about head height...

Interior of garden studio 12' x 9' (3640mm x 2730mm) QC6 Garden Office


John also had a toilet cubicle installed by Booths with a simple cassette toilet...

Garden studio with a toilet installed


So although John only has a 12' x 9' (3640mm x 2730mm) interior space in his garden studio it can easily accommodate 2 people sleeping.

Also, the fact that he used a cartridge toilet meant he eliminated all the expense of groundworks.

Groundworks would have been required to get a water supply to his studio and then the waste away from the toilet and sink, going to the nearest drain in his garden.

Groundworks can get very expensive, especially if you have a large garden or the waste drain is far from where your garden room is sited.


Below is Johns original floor plan which also shows that he had an outside power socket (OPS in yellow) - handy for running electric mowers without opening the garden studio doors. He had a 3ft (910mm) flyover roof on the front with a 6ft (1820mm) depth decking and on the left side he had a 3ft (910mm) decking.

The 12' x 9' QC6 garden studio costs around £16,000 (please check for latest prices) and with all of Johns additions - toilet cubicle, cartridge toilet, AC, flyover roof, decking, outside power socket, french doors, flyover roof downlights and recessed blinds on all the windows and doors, Johns garden studio would be around £24,000.


Like all the Booths garden studios, Johns is completely portable so if he moved home he could take it with him, or if his circumstances changed, he could sell it on - there is a large demand for used Booths Garden Studios.

Many thanks to John for his photographs and his feedback:-)


If you are interested in a quotation simply contact us here.

Floorplan of 12x9 garden studio