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This garden studio was installed overlooking a pond.

Bharat and Nilam wanted a relaxing area within their Swansea garden.

So they had their garden studio installed with a flyover roof and decking right up to the pond so that they could enjoy it to it's maximum.

Garden Office overlooking a pond


They also have a putting green next to their garden studio for golf practice:-)...

Garden Studio & Garden office installed next to a putting green


They chose to have the entrance to their garden studio on the side with french doors...

Close up of garden studio overlooking a pond


The side flyover roof is 6ft (1820mm) depth and is above a 9ft (2730mm) depth decking.

Any side flyover like this requires support pillars.

As their garden studio has a zero maintenance exterior they won't have to spend anytime looking after it and can get the full enjoyment from it's installation.

The price of this garden studio is circa £28k depending on where you are in the UK.


If you would like a garden studio overlooking a nice feature in your garden or to enjoy views around your property, simply contact us by clicking here for a quotation.