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This QCB garden office cost just under £16,000

(please check for latest prices)

It is a 16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) garden office with "windows on 2 sides" and this price included Rob Booth connecting the mains supply for Simon...

garden office with windows on two sides for extra light and better views within your garden


Simon - the new owner is over the moon with it.

He said...

Hi Carmen,

I just wanted to send a quick email to say thanks again for all your time and support in this process and also for sending such a great team to do the work!

I'd be happy to provide further testimonial if required but wanted to say that the team (Pix, Steve and Dan) were great - friendly, hard working and arrived early each day and gave me regular progress and updates as they worked through the day.

They worked really quickly through the project and I was just amazed how quickly the office went up.  Their work was clean and they ensured they tidied up at the end of the day / end of the job, which was great.

Here's some pics above - let me know if you need bigger file size etc but thought i'd send you a couple now - i'll send you some more once we've painted / filled it but hope this gives you an idea of what it looks like now in the sun!

Many thanks and let me know if you need anything else.

But we are very happy so thank you! 



Simons site was a combination of paving slabs and rough terrain as you can see in this photo...

Close up of original site where the garden office will be installed

This meant the fitters used our normal concrete feet (or "FabSlabs" as we call them) on the rough terrain and metal feet on the paving slabs.

The paving must be good and solid for the metal feet to be used for your garden office.

In the photograph below you can see the 90mm of Ecotherm which is used in the garden offices base for insulation.

90mm of insulation is also used in the walls and the ceiling making it a 24/7 all year round garden office.

You can also see that the base is made up of steel and timber for strength...

QCB garden office base showing its construction and insulation


This photograph shows that the garden office has its consumer unit (fusebox) positioned on the rear wall. It would normally go on the side walls but the 2nd set of windows meant it couldn't go there...

garden office showing the consumer unit on the rear garden office wall

The "consumer unit wall" always has the light switch and a mains double socket below it.


The photograph below shows the fitters (in this case, Pix, Dan and Steve) who are busy at it.

They work extremely hard (as do all our fitters:-) to get the garden offices installed so quickly.

On a personal note - I performed a minor miracle the other day by installing some shelving in my house stairs cupboard - it took me all day!  I just thought "How on earth do our guys install a complete garden office in a day!!" It is amazing and always gets comments from our customers.

It's a credit also to Alexs design and all the staff as to how efficient it is.

The things that can slow down an installation are the weather, difficult access or very tight access so if you can make us aware of any of these, it helps your garden office installation go smoother:)

Also, note the bags of gravel at the front of this photograph - this ends up on the roof of the QCB garden office which makes it look far prettier when looking down from your bedroom window.

Well oiled machine with 3 fitters installing a QCB garden office


Pix, Dan and Steve...

Pix, Dan and Steve in front of the newly installed 16' x 8' QCB garden office


As you can see in the photograph below, Simons garden office has the door on the narrow side as well as 2 tilt windows on the long side for ventilation...

Garden office with door on the narrow side


If you would like a QCB garden office which requires no painting and staining for at least 25 years then simply contact us by clicking here.



Simon kindly sent another interior photo now he has some furniture in his QCB garden office...

QCB garden office interior with office furniture now installed


and a view from Simons bedroom window of the QCB garden office roof which has a gravel topping laid over the 30 year lifespan epdm one piece roof.

Epdm is not pretty:-) so the gravel topping is far more attractive to look down on, for you and your neighbour...

View of Sams QCB garden office from his upstairs bedroom