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Iain here - hope you are well.


Robert who lives in Scotland has very kindly sent through some photographs of his QC6 garden room which you can see below.

Robert has the standard colours of light oak windows, pillars and fascia...


Garden room from Booths Garden offices


and the standard juniper green side walls...


Garden Room installed in Scotland by Booths Garden Studios


Other colours are available for all of the exterior components for a small surcharge.


This is the interior of Roberts garden office...

Inside Roberts garden office which is a 21' x 9' QC6 garden office


Robert has a wardrobe which he has positioned to give a temporary space for his chemical toilet within the garden office...

Futon bed with a cupboard within a garden office


The chemical toilet means the large expense of groundworks is not required...

Chemical toilet within a garden office


Robert emailed these photos and said...

So a bit messy! The bed is actually a futon so converts into a sofa facing the tv.
The futon is a better idea than a sofa bed as sofa beds open out at 90 degrees.
The futon sofa faces in the right direction when it is up! 
The toilet is masked off with the wardrobes and will just have a curtain across and a little self contained wash basin. 
Still need to get a small corner table for a kettle in the empty corner opposite the toilet. 
All good.
Its the right size.
Doesn't need to be wider and would have been slightly cramped if it had been 18 feet. 
My mum slept in it last night and so far a roaring success! 
Only issue is we need a bigger tv and i have run out of money......! 
Many thanks to Robert for the photographs and feedback on his multi functional garden office:-)
Roberts 21' x 9' (6370mm x 2730mm) QC6 garden office complies with building regulations for insulation and fire.
It cost around £25,000 including delivery and installation in Edinburgh, Scotland.