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Alex gave me a quick tour around this 24' x 8' Garden Annexe which can be installed under the Caravan Act.

Press play on the video to watch...



This is the layout for the 24' x 8' garden annexe with the bathroom on the right hand side...

Fllor plan for 24' x 8' garden annexe



Key for floor plan of 24' x 8' garden annexe 



Below is the floor plan when the bathroom is on the left hand side.

Please note that this spec may change as we are constantly fine tuning the design...

Bathroom on left hand side of 24' x 8' QCCB garden annexe



The "all in" cost of this garden annexe is circa £35,000 including delivery, installation, groundworks and VAT.

What's not included are the white goods like the fridge freezer and microwave and neither is furniture like the bed, cupboard, table and chairs.

If you would like an accurate quote for your situation simply click here to contact us.


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