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This £50k Granny Annex was installed near Newcastle...

27' x 12' granny annex installed near Newcastle


Alex gave me a tour of the Granny Annex kitchen/living room in this video:


Below is a photo of the 1820mm (6ft) compact kitchen.

Note the heat alarm located in the ceiling in case of a fire (above the door going into the bedroom.)

Normal fire alarms go off all the time when making toast and people end up disconnecting them - so the heat alarm gets round this issue and is a building regulations requirement:

6' (1820mm) compact kitchen installed in a granny annex


Alex then gave me a tour of the granny annex bedroom and en suite:


These photos show Alices bedroom and ensuite:

granny annex bedroom looking into the sitting room


This is the view Alice has from her Bedroom into the woods every morning:

View from bedroom of granny annex into the woods


This is the ensuite shower:

shower room in granny annex ensuite


This is the toilet, boiler cupboard and sink in Alices granny annex ensuite:

695 Toilet boiler cupboard and sink in granny annex ensuite


Note the plinth heater to the right of the toilet in this photo:

Ensuite in a granny annex


In this video, Alice explains how she lived in a Caravan for 5 years before deciding on buying a granny annex:


Alex, Derek and I, often discuss how buying a granny annex can be an emotional rollercoaster for the family involved in the project, so I asked Alice in this video, how she felt about buying her granny annex:


Big thanks to Alice for her comments about buying her Granny Annex and we hope this has helped you:

Alice in her granny annex living room


If you would like to discuss your annex project and get a quotation contact us by clicking here.