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Iain says...

Alex gives me a quick tour of a beautiful garden where we have installed a garden studio flat.

16' x 17' Garden Studio Flat


This flat requires a space of 5.8m x 5.5m and is 16ft x 17ft internally.


Click on this video to get the tour...(if you click on full screen you will see a nice large video:)


Interior photo of the living room towards the TV...

Living Room of 16x17 garden studio flat

The photo above shows the bedroom space to the right with a cupboard and drawers as Lynda hasn't installed the bed yet.


For privacy, the bedroom area can be screened off with the sliding doors.


This photo shows the bathroom...

Bathroom in 16' x 17' garden studio flat

Lynda ordered the extended bathroom as she uses a wheel chair and there is more room to access everything.


This photo shows the hot water boiler cupboard, toilet and sink...

Bathroom in 16' x 17' garden studio flat


The studio flat is for Lyndas Mum, so that they can be closer to each other, whilst still having their own space and privacy.

Lyndas Mum will literally be 30 seconds away:-)


This photo shows the bedroom, and bathroom door on the left and kitchen with Alex, on the right. Again - the bedroom/bathroom area can have privacy by using the sliding doors.

16' x 17' garden studio flat


If you woud like a quotation for your very own garden studio flat, simply contact us by clicking here.


Hope this helps!


Many thanks to Lynda for her time and hospitality!