Portable Superior Garden Studio

Unique 25 Year Guarantee

Truly Zero Maintenance

No Deposit Required

We have a special launch price for this exciting new 5.5m x 5.8m Garden Studio Flat for your garden.

Perfect for your son or daughter. They will love it:) and it has the huge bonus of not needing planning permission as it comes under the caravan act as long as the flat is for a blood relative.

The full price for this size is £75,000.00 but If you have it installed before 20th December 2023 the price will be just £64950.00 including VAT and delivery up to 100 miles.

Saving you over £10,000.00.

This is a one off launch price so best move quickly to save yourself thousands of £'s:-)

The studio price includes the groundworks, the mains electric supply, the bathroom, the kitchen (not appliances) and the air conditioning heater/cooler and dehumidifier. (It does not include the furniture such as sofa and bed)

This is a crazy price but we love this new layout so you should grab the opportunity now:)


Alex gives me a quick tour of his latest design in this video...



This photo shows the view from the rear wall towards the front windows (Recessed blinds are included.)

5m x 5m Garden Studio Flat Photo from rear


This photo shows the view from the bed towards the kitchen...

5m x 5m Garden Studio Flat view from bedroom to kitchen


This is the view as you enter the garden studio flat...



This is the view from the TV wall into the kitchen. The bathroom door can be seen on the right side...

695 garden studio flat


So don't miss this amazing opportunity to install your very own garden studio flat, without planning permission, and installed in a matter of days!

It must be installed before 20th December 2023 though as the price will rise after that.

You can check about availability by clicking here.

(We can only install so many so hurry - don't miss out!.)

Good luck!


Many thanks,


P.S. Don't forget that your studio flat has a zero maintenance exterior which means you don't have to paint or stain it for at least 25 years.

Your studio flat is also portable so if your circumstances change you can sell it onto another party for them to enjoy.

Portability also means if you move home you can take it with you.

garden studio flat