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As well as the QC6 which Jeremy bought - we have a new QC "Basics" garden office which has all the core elements of what has made the QC6 the biggest selling garden office in the U.K.

You can checkout the new QCB garden office by clicking here.



Iain: Here we are, with Jeremy. It is very good of you to let us have a look at your garden studio. You're a financial adviser is that right?

Jeremy: I am indeed.

 Iain: And how is the studio going?

Jeremy: Absolutely superb… it's a superb unit, I shouldn't call it a unit, it's a studio to give it it's proper name.

 Iain: And where were you working, you were working in the house before?

 Jeremy: I was yes.

 Iain: So what made you come out of the house, is it because you got so many children?

 Jeremy: Yes, I mean mainly to do with, obviously it's nice to get the office out of the house, but main reason being distractions more than anything else. At least now my work environment is outside of the house in the garden studio.

 Iain: So if you take any phone call… It's quiet.

 Jeremy: it is, indeed, I can lock the door. So that's fine. It's completely private, and confidential.

 Iain: And how long have you been a financial adviser?

 Jeremy: Oh for many years, getting on for 30 years now.

 Iain: Really?

 Jeremy: So yeah long time.

Iain: And it's worked for you, this garden office environment?

 Jeremy: Yes, very much so, I'm absolutely delighted and made the move out of the house and into here.

 Iain: So much so that you talked your friend into one as well…

 Jeremy: Yes, I did indeed.

 Iain: Another Jeremy.

 Jeremy: Another Jeremy, and I understand he's equally impressed. But it was all for the same reasons as well.

 Iain: And so you were just saying that furniture you've put in your garden office is from that furniture magazine.

 Jeremy: it was from "Furniture At Work"…

 Iain: Furniture at work… It looks really smart.

 Jeremy: Yes…

 Iain: And it wasn't that expensive…

 Jeremy: No very reasonable price. I'm delighted with it, works well.

 Iain: Okay, that's brilliant. Many thanks Jeremy



Iain: I'm here with Alex, and this is a Garden Studio for a financial advisor. 

 Alex: Yes, a 15' x 9' garden studio in Godalming which is our most popular size. Jeremy has got the studio office and put the decking in. He's made fantastic progress.  

 Iain: Yes. He's landscaped all the garden now, hasn't he? When the guys were building the studio wasn't it very barren?

 Alex: Yes. It was quit a different garden. It had all pergolas, and it was a different look. We built the garden studio, and then...

 Iain: So he's basically landscaped up to the studio? I know the decking's nice and flush. 

 Alex: Yes. It all works. 

 Iain: Was that deliberate?

 Alex: All this stone work was here. All this brick work was here. I came along and measured this one. We measured it from the garage, as you can see there, to fit within. It just sits in there perfectly. It fits really well. As you say this is our most popular size, 15' x 9'. Our most popular colour oak. 

 Iain: Yes. That's great. Thank you for that.


Jeremy wanted his external air conditioning unit to be hidden out of sight so he asked us to extend the pipes. Alex and I discuss this in the video above or you can read the video transcription below...

VIDEO TANSCRIPTION OF AC PIPE EXTENSION...Iain says: So you’ve just mentioned the AC there Alex, because the external unit doesn’t always have to go directly where…

Alex: No, with the external unit, if you walk ‘round here, you can see on the back wall…

Iain: So, the AC is there. So its more or less in the centre of this 15 by 9 Garden Office

Alex: Yes, so they would supply enough pipe to take it to a certain position, within the garden. But one of the things about an external AC unit is that its not that attractive. So what we’ve got here (I don’t know if you can see the pipe coming ‘round), we extended the pipework all the way ‘round the garden office

Iain: Alright so that’s that double thick black pipe?

Alex: Yes

Iain: Ah! So it goes all the way around the garden office and the shed 

Alex: Yes so the external unit is here

Iain: That’s quite a distance away from the garden office then isn’t it.

Alex: Well you can see it has plenty of room to work. Its away from the garden office. Its not an eyesore. It doesn’t have to be as close to the garden office as a lot of people realise

Iain: Yes, Oh that’s great. Thank you

NOTE: The AC comes with 4 meters as standard but this can be extended to 10 meters for an additional cost (please ask for latest cost for this)


Jeremy has a 15' (4550mm) frontage which since the windows are in 3ft (910mm) sections, there are 5 windows (5 x 3 is 15:-). We always describe the frontage as though viewed from outside and left to right so in this case that would be "window-window-door-window-window"

Jeremys 15' x 9' garden office


Jeremys garden and garden office

A happy Jeremy with some peace and quiet to get his work done...

Jeremy in his 15' x 9' LoLine QC garden office

Jeremy also has a small "tea and coffee" area within his garden office so that if a customer visits him to discuss their financial situation it can be more relaxed and welcoming...

Jeremys customer area

Jeremy did extensive research before going with Booths and he even got his friend to have a garden office...

Jeremy and Alex Booth

Jeremys friend (also named Jeremy) is a Finiancial Advisor aswell, and he had a 12' x 12' (3640mm x 3640mm) LoLine QC (see photo below) with a small deck at the front. He also had French Doors. He didn't have blinds since his garden is very private and beautiful so he wanted to maximise the view from his garden office.

Another jeremy - another garden office