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Here are some stunning photos of decking installed in front of a 12' x 12' QC6 garden studio by our partner - Chris from "Well Decked Out"...

12' x 12' QC6 Garden Office with stunning decking



stunning decking for 12' x 12' Garden Office



Beautiful decking in front of 12x12 garden office


This view, from the QC6 garden office, shows how steep the slope is in front of the customers office, but Chris designed a spectacular decking layout and the customer was over the moon with the end result...


Slope in front of garden office


If you want elaborate or complicated decking around your garden studio or home, you can contact Chris by calling him on 07557 037777 or see his other projects on his website



Please say Booths sent you:-)


Alex and Iain discuss our relationship with Chris here...


You can see more examples of Chris's decking and steps work in the photos below...

Decking & steps on a QCB garden studio


Front view of decking installed on a QCB garden Studio


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Another Chris job completed...

Large decking on QCB garden office

Call Chris now on 07557 037777.


More lovely "before and after videos" of a Chris job using the "Rolls Royce" of decking which is apparently "Millboard"...

Video 1 of 2:



Video 2 of 2:



Call, text or Whatsapp Chris now on 07557 037777.


Another complicated decking layout from Chris:)

Complicated decking installed by Chris

Chris used Millboard decking around one of our 12' x 8' QCB garden studios.

If you require elaborate decking you can call or text Chris on 07557 037777.



Another big job for Chris and his expert decking installation.


This decking is in front of one of our QC6 studios (21' x 9') complete with a flyover roof.

The decking will have a swimming pool installed in the middle of it...


Huge decking installed for swimming pool in front of Booths Studio


Great job Chris!


Another great decking job completed by Chris and his team...

If you require elaborate decking you can call or text Chris on 07557 037777.