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Iain here about one of our customers...

Dan very kindly emailed some photos of his QCB garden office along with some comments for future prospective buyers (thanks Dan:-)...

Dans 12' x 8' QCB garden office in his garden

Dan said...

Hi Carmen

The QCB is working well thanks.  I've attached some photos. For a small and affordable unit it's great that I can get 2 uses from it - you'll see in the photos it's an office primarily.

My feedback and advice for your new customer...
12x8 gives plenty of space for 1 person.

I would change a couple of small things.  The light switch should be moved to closer to the door, it's on the other side which isn't so useful in the dark. 

The window blinds were my only optional extra. They are very good and necessary I'd say.

The insulation seems very good, it was warm all winter with minimal heating, but it's getting hot in the warm spring days already. So I'd recommend air-conditioning for anybody that's placing their Qcb in a sunny position like mine. Opening the window and door fixes this though.

Wait a few weeks before decorating. I had a few adjustments as the panels of the unit settled in and temperature changes occurred over the winter.  Easy enough to reseal the edges and repaint.

I used a local electrian to connect the mains and run some Cat5 network cables.  "NK Growns" is based on Hayling Island and was reasonably priced, did an excellent and tidy job too.

Hope that helps. 


Iain here...

Thanks Dan for your feedback.

Regarding the light switch in the QCB, this normally goes on the fusebox wall panel on the left as you go into a QCB garden office but the fusebox wall can be positioned anywhere. I see that you had your fusebox wall on the right as you walk into your garden office which means it is slightly further away from your door. We could have either moved your door closer to the fusebox wall or we could have postioned the fusebox wall on the left so hopefully your comments will help others decide the best position for their door and fusebox/light switch wall.

Interior of Dans 12' x 8' small garden office and fitness area

You can see in the photograph above that even though Dan only has a relatively small garden office which is a 12' x 8' (3.66m x 2.44m) that he still has a fitness area and a place for his telescope.

Please do note that Alex has changed the interior walls slightly since Dans installation in that they now have a joining strip.

This is because it gives a neater finish between the wall panels and helps improve the portabilty factor of the QCB garden office.

Remember that your QCB garden office will remain your asset for many many years and it's portability means you can take it with you - wherever you go.

Dans tip about waiting a while before decorating is excellent though as like any newbuild, this gives time for it to settle down and your decorating achieving a better finish and a more permanent finish.

Some customers do worry about small decor cracks which may appear in their QCB garden office but this is perfectly normal and nothing to be worried about. A touch of decorating caulk quickly resolves this if required and it's really easy to do - even I can do this bit!

Also, you can see our recommendations about having air conditioning if you click here.


In the photograph below you can see his office area which as he pointed out proved to be very comfortable throughout winter and not requiring a huge amount of heating due to the 90mm of insualtion which is in the garden office base, walls and roof.

Plus the "A" rated double glazing which is thermally equivalent to triple glazing - you won't get a better double glazed window spec - even if you build your own garden office.

Dans Office area within his small garden office


So Dan is a fan of the QCB garden office which can't be considered a cheap garden office but on the other hand, once his investment is apportioned over 25 years compares as well, if not better than an alternative timber garden office pod which won't last anywhere near as long unless you are up for painting or staining it every 2, 3 or 4 years.


Dans contemporary garden office will also look fantastic for many many years for his enjoyment and any business colleagues who visit him.


If you would like to visit a QCB garden office near you - simply pop your postcode to Carmen by clicking here.


Big thanks to Dan for his photos and comments.


The QCB garden office is the UKs biggest selling truly zero maintenance insulated garden office and with its modern contemporary look, is the perfect choice for a small garden office or garden office pod.

Garden office planning permission is not required in the vast majority of cases and you can even now have a garden office toilet installed in the QCB garden office although the larger sizes would be more practical, like the 16' x 8' (4.88m x 2.44m) and the 20' x 8' (6.1m x 2.44m) garden offices.


12' x 8' QCB small garden office pod