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Hi there,

Iain here.

Alex and I visited Andy and Jaynes 18' x 9' (5460mm x 2730mm) QC6 garden art studio which they will use for pottery and painting.

Alex gives me a quick tour here...


Andy had some landscaping completed the following weekend after our visit and sent me this photograh...

18' x 9' garden art studio featuring 2 large


This close up photograph shows the frontage which we descibe as...

Tilt window-picture window-picture window-tilt window.

The "Picture Windows" give a lovely uninterrupted view of your garden.


By having the door on the right side, this means all of the interior is available as workspace for Andy and Jayne.

Close up of garden art studio showing 2 large picture windows


They also had 2 fanlight windows on the rear of their garden art studio to help give more light and ventilation - especially for when Andys kiln is installed which will get very very hot.

Andy also emailed this interior photograph which shows the sink they had installed by a local plumber...

Interior of garden art studio measuring 18' x 9' (5460mm x 2730mm) QC6 garden studio


We always ask you for a photograph of where you want your garden studio.

This is the "Before Installation" photo Andy sent us...

original site photo for garden art studio


and the "After Installation"...

garden art studio used for pottery and painting



Andy has just sent me 2 new interior photos now that they have all their equipment in. Andy said...

"We now have a wheel, a workbench with underneath storage (also known as an IKEA kitchen island), noticeboards up, the sink area has been tiled and the walls have been painted.

Needless to say we're really happy with everything.
Thanks again,
Interior of a pottery garden studio
Pottery Garden Studio Interior Photograph

Many thanks to Andy and Jayne.

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Hope this helps.


Many thanks,