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This outdoor garden gym garden studio is an example of the extended height walls which enable more space within your gym...


garden gym with extended height walls from booths garden studios


The extended height walls give an internal height of 2.4m or 7' 10" and an external height of 2.98m - this means that it's over the permitted development height of 2.5m which means planning permission is normally required but...


in the above case, the garden was so large that the garden gym was at least 2 metres away from the main garden boundaries and this means planning is not required.

Another way round planning permission is to dig down 300mm and lower the whole garden studio so that it doesn't exceed the 2.5m maximum required. This can mean having a soakaway for heavy rainfall - (you don't want to turn your studio into a swimming pool:-) The customers that have used local (to them) builders to dig down have never reported any heavy rainfall issues so with a bit of planning it can be a simple way around needing planning permission.


Sanj - the owner of this garden gym, had some very tall gym equipment so the extended height was essential for him...

interior of garden room gym



Sanj's garden gym is 33' x 9' (10m x 2.73m) and has anthracite grey windows, merlin grey walls and black pillars, fascia and soffits. 


As with all the QC garden studios - Sanj will do his hard work inside his garden gym, rather than hard work painting or staining the exterior. His studio requires no painting or staining for at least 25 years (hence the quarter century "QC" badge).

The versatility of the QC6 design also meant he could position full length windows and doors wherever he wanted so he chose to have 2 ends of his gym with lots of daylight and the middle section in shade. 


If you would like your own extended height garden studio gym simply email a rough idea of the size you require, along with your postcode and we can get a quote to you.

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Garden Gym studio with extended height walls

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