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Alex and I visited a fantastic garden office which featured a high-end Wall Bed.

This garden room featured lots of storage space for the garden office as well as cupboards for overnight accommodation, plus a compact shower, toilet, and sink - all within an 18' x 9' (5460mm x 2730mm) internal space...





Alex Booth with Garden office featuring wall bed shower toilet and sink


This garden studio, which belongs to Karen and Tony Atkinson, was installed in April 2013

and had been on Alex and I "Garden Buildings To Visit" list, ever since then. 


When we finally got round to it, we were not disappointed.


Despite being 2 and a half years old when we visited, the whole garden studio looked immaculate. 

It looked like it had just been installed a day or two before. 


Karen and Tony live in a lovely cottage but needed some private, quiet space, to work in, but also needed somewhere for their parents to stay, when they visited. The combination they came up with ticked all those boxes. Tony actually said that the garden studio is warmer than their cottage. 


This photo shows the "office" end of the garden studio where they have an air conditioning unit installed for climate control, a small tv, and a desk with lots of storage. 

The wall bed unit was manufactured and installed by the London Wall Bed Company...although the actual garden office is in Litchfield. They made a lovely job of it. 

As the whole unit covered 15 feet (4550mm) of the rear garden office wall, I took a few photographs to get it all in...


garden office with wall bed 


Middle section showing the hidden wall bed in the garden office


End right hand section of the wall bed unit in garden office 

Wall bed installed in a garden office 

 The garden office also had a 3ft (910mm) depth decking on the frontage for drinks on a summer's day...

Seating area on the decking of the garden office


and a 3 foot (910mm) depth flyover roof across the whole front of the garden office with downlights.

This flyover roof gives shade from the sunshine on hot sunny days and shelter from the rain on our rainy days:-)...

Flyover roof on garden office frontage


The external air conditioning unit was hidden at the rear of the garden building out of view but still with easy access for maintenance. This unit needs at least 1 metre of space between the garden room and a fence or hedge. This was easily achieved in this case...

External air conditioning for garden office


The walls are "Juniper Green" and the windows, fascias, soffits and corner posts were "Light Oak" (although actually made of plasti-coated, leatherette embossed galvanised steel meaning truly zero maintenance for at least 25 years)

Garden office with juniper green walls and oak windows and pillars


The compact shower, toilet, and sink were installed in an area of 9' x 3' (2730mm x 910mm)...

shower and sink installed in this garden room


shower unit installed with a garden office 

toilet and sink unit installed with a garden office 

 Alex and I discuss the garden office, wall bed, and ensuite, in this video...