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This garden pod case study is about one of our customers, Liz Howell.

Liz very kindly sent through photos of her large QCB garden pod...

Library within an insulated garden pod from Booths Garden Studios


As you can see, Liz has lots of books...

a lovely sight in this digital Kindle age:-)...

Garden Pod used as a library and garden office


Liz said...

It's about 6 weeks since Liam and Steve came to install my garden room

which I intended to use as a library so that I could reclaim my house to live in!

Here are some photos now that it is more or less sorted.

Thanks for a great job -

and an extra thank you to Liam for the unexpected ice lollies!




Liz garden pod from Booths Garden Studios


Liz spent roughly £16000 on her dream garden pod.

It's a 20' x 8' (6.1m x 2.44m) QCB garden pod in anthracite grey...

20' x 8' garden pod garden office which is 6.1m x 2.44m


This is the maximum size garden pod you can have before having to comply with building regulations.

Building regulations are a requirement above 15sqm and this size just sneaks under at 14.88sqm.


As it's below 15sqm it means it can still be positioned within a metre of your garden boundaries and as you can see,

it's a substantial garden pod!


Liz added...


Just to clarify - I don't have a large garden, as you can see, but I replaced my garage with my new study/library.

I am a genealogist and writer and needed somewhere better to work.

Also I am a dreamer!

And one of my greatest dreams is to write a novel -

so I have named my room The Dreamery!

6.1m x 2.44m insulated garden pod and garden office


If you need a quiet comfortable private space to read and write in...

the QCB garden pod may be the answer for you.

You can get more information about the UKs biggest selling garden office by clicking here.


You won't have to spend anytime painting or staining the exterior as the "QC" stands for Quarter Century or 25 years.

25 years where you won't have to paint or stain your garden pod to keep it looking like new.


Contact us by clicking here to get the ball rolling for your "Dreamery".

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