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Alex and I visited this large garden room which is used as a classroom for teaching children how to paint...

garden room used for teaching children how to paint


The studio has an internal size of 21' x 12' (6370mm x 3640mm) so has plenty of room for up to 10 children (or teenagers)...

Large table within a garden room which is used for teaching young children how to paint


A large paint table with a garden room used for teaching young children


The garden room has an "absolutely essential" sink has a hot and cold water supply with plenty of storage below it. One of the cupboards houses the teenagers paintings as they were concerned that the younger children may spill paint on them:)


"I wanted the toilet to be as compact as possible so that it left as much space as possible for the main work area. The sink is essential as the children need to wash their hands and I need to wash pallets and brushes. The whole idea of the garden studio was to get them out the house so to have children going back into the house to wash their hands, would have completely defeated the point of having the garden room.

It was absolutely essential to me.

It wouldn't have been worth me doing this if I didn't have the hand washing facilities and the toilet.

The toilet is less than a metre deep (it's actually 3ft x 3ft or 910mm x 910mm)

Photograph of compact toilet within a large garden room


The garden room handles tuition from age 6 all the way up to age 18 and A level art.

"I'm delighted with it yes - it's changed my life having it out here.

Garden room classroom used for painting tuition

Previously the painting tuition took place in the house so getting it out into the garden room has made a huge difference to the work and the house.

It's a really peaceful sanctuary at the bottom of the garden and the children love it down here.

It's a pretty idyllic place to work.

21' x 12' (6370mm x 3640mm) QC garden room classroom for teaching painting


Until I got my garden studio I was working in the dining room of my house and the rest of the family were thoroughly fed up with me constantly coming home to the sink being filled up with paint palettes and brushes so I decided I needed to move out of the house to a purpose built garden room. 

Frontage of a 21' x 12' QC garden room used by artist for teaching children how to paint


Value for money was a big thing as the cost was a consideration, as it is for most people, and I felt that Booths Garden Studios were really good value for money, I'd looked around for ages, I shopped around.

My husband and I were both trained as designers and so we're both very visual people. We both really liked the wooden cedar garden rooms but quickly realised that maintenance would just be a nightmare and we just wouldn't do it and after a few years the wood would probably look terrible so the maintenance free bit swayed us a lot."


The garden room has an air conditioning unit. The external unit is hidden out the way at the rear of the garden room whilst still allowing enough room for access...

Air conditioner unit hidden away at rear of garden room


"Regarding the air conditioning unit...as the whole of the front of the studio is glass, and this is west facing when the sun sets, and my classes are after school so from 4 till 7 when I teach, the sun is just beating down on the glass. The air conditioning is absolutely essential. It was unbearably hot in July but with the air conditioning on, it was absolutely fine - it's perfect, and the heating is just amazingly efficient as well. I can put it on for half an hour - it heats the whole garden room up and it stays warm for a good 3 hours after the heatings gone off so it's very good."


In this video, Alex and I discuss getting the mains supply routed to this garden room...


In this video, Alex shows me the house fuse box and how the mains was taken from here to the garden room...



Booths Garden Studios are the UKs largest supplier of truly zero maintenance garden rooms, garden studios, garden office and garden pods. If you are on a smaller budget you should check out the new QCB "no frills" garden office which is the budget version of the QC6 garden studio. 

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