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Alex and I visited a 24' x 12' (7280mm x 3640mm) QC6 garden studio used as a photographic studio. 

You could, of course, build your own photographic garden studio, but it's considerably less hassle to have a QC6 garden room installed with all its insulation, lighting, electrics, partition walls, air conditioning, flyover roof and decking already handled by the team at Booths. 

Sarah, the owner and photographer of this QC6 garden studio already had her garden studio plans with a large main area inside, and a storage area for all her props, behind the main studio.

The storage area also had a toilet installed so that trips to the house can be avoided. Sarah used a local plumber who we worked with to ensure a smooth installation. 

Sarah specialises in newborn photography and she said that much of the time is spent getting the newborns comfortable and asleep!

This means lovely photographs like this are possible (see Sarahs website www.SarahHartPhotography.com 

This time spent getting the newborns in perfect natural poses means the proud parents will be drinking lots of tea or coffee, so having the toilet installed is a big help. 

 The photograph below shows the photography studio with a large backdrop and lighting required to get professional results...

garden studio photography from garden studio plans

 The main studio area is 21' x 12' (6370mm x 3640mm) with the storage area at the back being 12' x 3' (3640mm x 910mm) - this is where the toilet is.

As the garden room is being used for newborns, it needed to be a warm and soundproof garden studio so that neighbours couldn't hear any noise and the baby (usually with no clothes on) are nice and warm. 

Sarah has children of her own at school so photographing newborns fits in perfectly with dropping off her children at 9am, then picking them up at 3pm. This gives Sarah a 5 to 6-hour window where the magic can happen.

Although this is a very large unit, garden studio planning permission was not required. The studio complied with permitted development. 

Outside view of the garden studio used for photography


Sarah had lots of garden studio design ideas and settled on adding a 3-foot flyover roof with a 6-foot decking below it so that the whole family could enjoy it in the summer. 

Lots of garden studio crafts can be enjoyed in a QC garden studio as it provides such a professional environment. Sarah actually would have liked an even larger studio, going to the 15-foot depth which we can now provide with the QC7 garden studio. You can see an example of the QC7 here

The QC6 is an extremely flexible design so adding a window anywhere, or flyover roofs on the side is very simple.

It was a very cold, frosty, winters day when Alex and I visited Sarahs garden studio and even though she didn't have the air conditioner on, you could feel how warm it was inside.

front of garden studio used for photography


If you have been thinking of having a garden studio shed for your photography work,

simply contact us by clicking here. 

We can organise a visit to a garden studio near you (we have thousands all over the UK) and get the ball rolling with a floor plan and costing for you.

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P.P.S. You can see Sarahs garden studio floor plan here.