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Getting Fit On Your Bike



On the face of it, this would seem a luxury item to have - surely only wealthy people have their own garden gyms?


Just think how much we spend on cars? £10 - £50k on a car? 

Would spending £20k on a garden gym improve your day to day quality of life? Would it improve your partners quality of life? Or your childrens? Not to mention their health as well as teenage sons working on their "beach body" for the summer:-) 

With your own garden gym you could be the fittest you have ever been in your life. 

We have installed many garden studios which have been used as garden gyms and improved the day to day quality of life for the owners.

Below is a 21' x 12' (6370mm x 3640mm) QC6 garden studio we installed for use as a garden gym/man cave for watching sport.

Gymnasium Garden Studio


So why use a Booths Garden Studio for your garden gym?...

The exterior of your garden studio is Truly Zero Maintenance for at least 25 years. So the only workouts will be inside your studio and not outside - you don't have to paint or stain a Booths studio exterior.

We stopped supplying timber studios in January 2012 for this reason because it seemed crazy to carry on selling garden rooms with timber exteriors which require annual maintenance.

The internal height is approximately 6ft 10 inches or 2060mm so please check your gym equipment height.

For treadmils which can be very high impact, Alex has designed a "decoupled floor" which is an independant floor section just for a treadmill so it takes the strain rather than the whole studio building.

This flooring is "decoupled" from the rest of the studio so this reduces the vibration and noise of the running.

The decoupled floor can be lowered by 50mm or if there extra space below your studio (when on a sloped site area) then it can be lowered up to 100mm - this can be helpful if you are tall and need extra headroom. Please discuss this with whoever you are dealing with and they can clarify your options.


Alex and I discuss the Internal height of the QC Garden Studio in this video...





Winter Wonderland Gymnasium In My Garden


The garden gym above is a 18' x 12' (5460mm x 3640mm) QC6 used extensively through the winter. With "windows on 2 sides" the garden gym has a lovely outlook in the winter or summer when they are working out. This studio also has an air conditioning unit to ensure the perfect workout temperature.

Helen - one of our customers, had a garden gym installed for her fitness classes. Alex and I and Helen discuss her garden gym in the video below...


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