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How tight a space can a garden office be installed in?


Iain here - hope you are well.

The answer to this question is very very tight.

For 2 main reasons...

The first is that because the garden office exterior walls require no painting or staining for at least 25 years, no access is required for maintenance.

Secondly, Alex has spent years fine tuning the garden office designs so that they can be installed very close to boundaries. He realised that customers want to maximize the space they have available and have as big a "working" space as possible.

The combinations of materials and design means installations like the one below are possible...

Garden office installed in a very tight space


The above photograph shows a temporary installation...

The owners will be moving their garden office to a new location sometime in the future. This is thanks to the fact that every Booths Garden Studio is designed to be easily transportable. Alex has always been adamant about this portability because that way your garden office is a fantastic asset. You can take it with you or sell it on if your cucumstances change.