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Does your school need a new classroom which is completely zero maintenance?


Kingsland School Garden Room Garden Studio


Alex gave me a quick tour around a classroom installed for Kingsland primary School which you can see in this video:


This is a photo of the original timber garden room which was starting to fall apart as well as being too cold to use during the winter months:

Old school classroom made of timber


Alex suggested to the school to position their new classroom off the patio area because that way they could further utilise the patio for other activities.

This is possible because every Booths garden studio has it's own indpendant base which is completely adjustable via it's concrete feet.

New school classroom garden room with flyover roof


This is the floor plan drawing for the school garden room:

floor plan for school classroom garden studio





 If you need a classroom for your school due to lack of space simply contact us by clicking here and we can organise a quotation for you.