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This case study discusses the portability of the QC garden studio and the QCB garden studio.

Why is garden office portability important to you?

Karen bought her 12' x 9' QC5 garden office in February 2012 for her Nail Bar business for around £10,000.

In 2016 she decided to move house. Unfortunately the buyer of Karens house didn't want the garden room and simply weren't prepared to spend the extra to have it. If her garden studio wasn't portable she'd have been looking at a huge loss.

So what did she do?...

The Booths fitters start to dismantle Karens QC5 garden office...

Dismantling a booths garden studio


As you can see in the photo above from Karen, she decided to have her garden studio moved to her new home.

(This cost £4k but please check for current prices.)

This was easily her cheapest option and meant she could carry on with her Nail bar business in the garden office which she loved.

This photo shows the garden studio 1.5 hours after the fitters started dismantling it...

Dismantling a garden studio so that it can be moved to a new home


 Then in Karens own words...

And by 2.10pm gone!

 the space where Karens 12' x 9' garden studio used to be


Yay! All finished in my new garden

The QC garden studio after relocation 

Ollie, Damian, Matty and Alex are in front of Karens "New" 12' x 9' QC5 garden studio. They installed it the day after dismantling it.

Karen said...

Relocation of my beautiful garden studio courtesy of the absolutely amazing Booths Garden Studios ❤️ Delighted!

Happy booths garden studios customer 

Portabilitly of your garden office is important because...

- it remains your asset.

If you have spent £10,000 on a lovely brick built office at the bottom of your garden then it would be impossible to transport and you would never recover anywhere near the £10k when you sell your house.

if the buyer of your house offers you a good price for your garden office then that's all good but if they don't...

you either take it with you, as Karen did, or sell it on to a third party via our website.

Hope this helps.

Many thanks,