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Hi there!

Iain here with news about a school modular classroom we have installed in just 5 days.

This stunning school building will be used as a peaceful library for Hindhayes infant school pupils.

The children will use a large 30' x 12' (9.1m x 3.64m) interior space.

It also has an exterior 6' (1.8m) flyover roof with decking below it - perfect for spending sunny days reading and encouraging a love of books.

Large garden room for school library from Booths Garden Studios


The school decided to install an air conditioner (see the external AC unit in the photo below) which will handle the heating in the winter and if temperatures get up in the summer, it can be switched to cool this school classroom.


The air conditioner also filters the air and acts as a dehumidifier which helps keep the library books in perfect condition - it is also very cheap to run when compared to the alternatives. This makes it more efficient and better for the environment...

School building library showing exterior air conditioning


This photograph shows the side view so you can see the flyover roof and decking.

This extends by 6' (1820mm) and provides shade from the sunshine and rain...

Side view of school building used as a library and provided by Booths Garden Studios


Hayley from the school said...

"I did say to Alex that if you need a “show room classroom” at any time, please let us know and we will welcome visitors.

We hope that the library may be fully fitted out before the summer holidays.

I will let you know when we will have the grand opening!"

School building library supplied by Booths Garden Studios


Set within trees away from the main school, the library classroom is an inviting school building for staff and pupils which will get many years of use.

The caretaker is also happy that he won't have to look after the exterior of this school building for at least 25 years as the materials used to contruct the classrroom are truly zero maintenance...

School building library set in trees and supplied by Booths Garden Studios


The school decided they wanted some steps installing in the classroom which Alex discusses in this video...




If you would like a zero maintenance school classroom simply click here.

Hope this helps.

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