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This garden studio is used by Roz for her singing tuition...


Garden studio used by singing teacher


It's a 12' x 12' (3640mm x 3640mm) QC6 garden office with a 3ft (910mm) flyover roof on the frontage and the decking below to match...


Close up of garden studio used for a singing teacher


Roz chose anthracite windows surrounded by oak - this is nice blend of modern with contemporary and works really well.


Roz has french doors...

View through french doors of the garden studio


She has a desk with her computer and keyboard for running through scales with her pupils...


Interior of garden office used for teaching singing


Singing teacher in garden office


Roz also has a mirror so that she can help her singing pupils with their posture...


Singing teacher with mirror for her pupils in a garden office


And the left side of her garden studio is used for storage with book shelves and filing cabinets...


Storage inside Roz Garden Studio


Since Roz has a QC exterior which requires no painting or staining for at least 25 years, she can spend all her time more profitably inside her garden studio imparting her wisdom.


I gave Roz a call to see how she is getting on since her garden studio was installed in June 2013 - she said...

"It's the best thing ever - I love it. It sometimes a den for the teenagers - they go in and play music too loud but it doesn't bother anyone. It's brilliant - been totally and utterly nothing but completely brilliant. If I had a pound for every person I've recommended to you 'd I'd be a millionaire:-)."


Big thanks to Roz for spreading the word!


If you would like a truly zero maintenance garden studio to teach in - simply contact me by clicking here.


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