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Hi there - Iain here.

This lovely 20' x 8' QCB is used for dog grooming...

The Dog Grooming QCB garden studio


This photograph shows the interior of the QCB garden studio. Our sizes always refer to the interior space so this 20' x 8' is 6.1m x 2.44m...

Interior of Dog Grooming QCB garden studio


Dog grooming QCB garden studio


Jane decided to leave work and do a diploma in dog grooming and canine first aid, just 5 months before having her QCB garden studio installed. A big decision leaving a well paid job.

"We did a water supply straight off the washroom on our house into the studio and the waste is straight into a drain although we do have a filter before the drain which was advised when cleaning pets.

I did a fair bit of research into having a shop or premises and my QCB garden studio will be paid for in 2 years when compared to renting premises.

My only overheads are the gas which I use for the dogs hot water and I run a little oil heater set on it's minimum. That keeps it lovely and warm but once I'm in there working I don't even need that during this cold January."

The Dog Grooming QCB garden studio and garden room


Close up of the dog bath...

Close up of dog grooming unit inside a 20' x 8' QCB garden studio


I would of had to have refurbished rented premises as well and because I'm working from home, my dog doesn't have to be with anyone else but me. I can groom cats as well as dogs.

It was a big decision to give up work and buy the studio but I call this my retirement job or chill out job. As long as it keeps me in shoes I'm happy and maybe a few handbags as well!

The boys installing my studio were very good - they barely stopped."

Janes nephew is setting a website with "before and after" photos and she's on facebook as mypawhouse.


Dog grooming QCB 6.1m x 2.44m garden studio


If you would like your own Dog Grooming QCB garden studio simply contact us by clicking here for a quotation.

We can also organise a visit to a QCB garden studio at our new factory in Corby NN18 8AN.


Remember your QCB garden studio is truly zero maintenance for at least 25 years so no painting or staining of the exterior is required to keep your dog grooming business looking fantastic for your customers.


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