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Iain here - hope you are well.

I have the pleasure of introducing to you...

the new QCB Garden Annexe which does not require planning permission. It can be installed under the caravan act.

So if you are desperate to have extra accommodation for a family member for extra space or even just privacy, the new affordable QCB Garden Annexe is now available.

Alex Booth In Front of the New QCB garden annexe suitable for grannies and teenagers


The photo above shows the new QCB Garden Annexe which has an internal size of 20' x 8' (6.1m x 2.44m) and is the perfect affordable choice for 1 person accommodation with it's own bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.

(If you'd like a larger annexe with a separate bedroom see the new L shape annexe case study by clicking here.)

The launch price is £27487.00 and includes delivery up to 100 miles from PE8 5AS, includes VAT, and includes installation.

Also, the expense of a concrete foundation is not required - the QCB garden annexe sits on it's own adjustable feet and these work over a variety of sites and even slopes.


You won't find another garden annexe in the UK at this price and with all these benefits...(also note that the launch price is very likely to go up in the coming months:-)

The QCB Annexe has a truly zero maintenance exterior with a 25 year guarantee - you won't ever have to maintain the exterior of this Annexe with painting or staining due to the modern materials used on it's exterior.

Planning permission is not required as the QCB garden annexe is portable and therefore comes under the caravan act from a planning point of view. If your circumstances change, then the garden annexe is easily taken out as it's 100% portable.

The portability means the garden annexe remains an asset for you which you can sell on to a third party if you ever need to so although £26k might be expensive initially, you'd recover at least half of that if you ever decided to sell it at a later date.*

(*This is our experience with our second hand studios - they depreciate far less than conventional garden studios.)


Alex designed the new QCB garden annexe and gave me a tour in this video...


Alex and I also discussed the larger version of this which is 24' x 8' or 7.28m x 2.44mm...


Photo from the bedroom area...

Interior of the new QCB granny annexe garden studio


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