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Below I have listed videos where Alex explains the improvements for the new QCB2 Garden Office.

Please note that we no longer supply the QCB1 Garden Office.

Alex starts with a discussion about his daughters garden office - Carmen has a bespoke size - 15' x 8' QCB studio...


Alex explains about the "invisible" down pipes in the new QCB2 garden office...


Alex explains how the new QCB2 can be positioned within 2 inches of your garden fence or hedge.

This is possible because access for painting or staining is not required...


The new QCB2 garden office has a flat roof inside which makes it feel more spacious.

Alex explains in this video...



Alex explains how the new QCB2 garden office can have a flyover roof on any side...


This photo shows the new QCB2 with a flyover roof with a comment below from Chris - the happy studio owner...

The new QCB2 garden office with a flyover roof on it's frontage

The New QCB2 Garden Office With Flyover Roof On The Frontage. This garden office is the 16' x 8' model with anthracite grey throughtout.

Well, what can I say? - I am absolutely super impressed with the QCB2, it really is fantastic!!! I can definitely recommend the flyover roof already, as it brings a touch of class to the overall look and I know I will be grateful for the protection it offers on rainy days or if we ever get to it, the summer! Thanks again for all of your help, Yours sincerely, Chris. PS Very happy to be on the 'show room' list of people if it helps.


Alex explains in this video about the industry leading guarantee which comes with the new QCB2 Garden Office.

None of our competitors have a guarantee anywhere near this...

25 years for the exterior of the new QCB2 garden office.

(Please note that the "Oak" steel sections have a 10 year guarantee.)


You can get a floor plan with costings by requesting them from here.

We can also organise a visit to a QCB garden studio near you by requesting a visit here.


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