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Transcript from the video says...

Iain: OK. I’m here with Alex on a rather windy, cold day. This has not long been finished though, has it, Alex?

 Alex: Yeah. I mean they’re still in the process of decorating it. We thought we’d get a video of it that shows some of the new colours that we’re doing. We’ve got these grey windows, grey posts, grey flashings with a timber wall.

 Iain: Oh, timber wall, wow.

 Alex: And the new decking, well, the new deck and the new post and handrail.

 Iain: Right.

 Alex: Well, we’ve got a PVC timber post and stainless steel wire. As you can see, we’ve all got one of them in the garden. (Alex point’s at the tennis court and Iain laughs)

 Iain: And we haven’t all got this view either. But it’s gorgeous, isn’t it? (Iain and Alex enjoy the view from the garden studios)

 Alex: Very lucky chap! So what we’ve done is built two garden studios. This it the first his-and-hers garden studios …

 Iain: His and hers, right. So he has got French doors.

 Alex: Yeah. So it’s 18 foot by 12 foot. There’s Curtis garden studio and then this his wife’s studio, which is…

 Iain: Fifteen?

 Alex: Fifteen-by-nine foot studio. So that is his wife’s garden studio and that’s his garden studio there. As you can see, we’ve got the grey flashings with the oak.

 Iain: Ah, this is the new …

 Alex: Oak walls. This is the new oak walls.

 Iain: All right, excellent. It’s grey and green normally, isn’t it?

 Alex: Yeah.

 Iain: So this is the first one we’ve done with a …

 Alex: Yeah.

 Iain: The light oak walls. Excellent. OK. That’s lovely. Thank you for that.

End of video transcript.

The light oak walls material comes from Italy so there is an extra cost per wall panel (please check for latest surcharge)