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We now supply a compact kitchen for your garden studio, garden office or garden room.

Please note that if you want a bespoke kitchen layout -

using a local (to you) kitchen installer would be required.

Alex is working on several options for kitchens but I don't have the full details yet. Contact me for the latest news...

Compact kitchen for garden studio garden office or granny annexe


Please note that we don not supply the appliances as these are easily added by yourself.

This way you can add appliances at the quality/price you require.

Alex points out that a company like ao.com supply 70,000 appliances every week and they have an installation service so they can easily handle these aspects for you at a far better price than we could.

We do have some basic appliance we'd reccomend though as we have used them and they are excellent value for money. (see below.)

We can't vouch for reliability of these appliances since the trend these days from appliance manufacturers seems to be to build in obsolescence so that they can sell you another appliance in a few years time!

(Unlike your long lasting QC garden studio:-)


If you want a hob, we recommend an induction hob which can be seen here...Double induction hob.


Or a single hob here.


If you haven't used induction hobs they really are quite remarkable - they are safer, use less electricity and cook more quickly than normal electric hobs. These induction hobs use induction pots and pans, examples of which can be seen here.


We also recommend a microwave/cooker/grill option - an example can be seen here.

I discuss the hob and microwave with one of our customers, Irene, here.


If you want a fridge freezer then an example can be seen here.


If you require a besoke layout you'd be best asking your local kitchen installer to do this work.

Do note that we design our kitchen so that it could be moved at a later date with your studio if required.

Your local installer probably wouldn't consider portability so please bear that in mind.


Hope this helps.


Many thanks,