Portable Superior Garden Studio

Unique 25 Year Guarantee

Truly Zero Maintenance

No Deposit Required

Alex and I discuss the flooring we install in 90% of all the QC garden studios in this video.

(Please note that heavy use of office chairs with castors will eventually damage this flooring - especially if you don't follow the recommended daily cleaning and vacuuming. Dirt and grit acts like sandpaper grinding away at your nice new floor.)


The other 10% of customers upgrade to Aquastep flooring which is more robust and importantly for garden annexe installations - waterproof. Alex and I discuss a granny annexe with the Aquastep in this video...


A protective mat may help reduce the wear from office chair castors.

Amazon supply a few different types. Click here for their best seller.

Whether it's their best seller because it's their best or because it is cheap - I'm not sure sorry.