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Photo 1: Anthracite grey windows give a modern contemporary look.

They are usually matched with light grey walls although in this photo, Curtis had light oak walls (a more expensive option) which still works great with the anthracite grey windows.

This is a perfect option for a portable sales office. You can see a portable sales office which we installed in Portsmouth if you click here.

Call Iain on 07590 067 120 for more information.

Photo 2:

This 12' x 18' (3640mm x 5460mm) Garden Office is used as an accountants office with a kitchen and a toilet.

It has anthracite grey windows, light grey walls and black pillars.

Photo 3:

Anthracite grey windows, merlin grey walls (light grey) and light oak pillars.

Photo 4:

12' x 12' (3640mm x 3640mm) LoLine QC VF Garden Studio used for teaching singing.

Studio frontage is "window-frenchdoors-window"

Photo 5:

21' x 12' (6370mm x 3640mm) LoLine QC VF Garden Studio with french doors.

We always describe the layout "as seen from outside and from left to right" so this frontage is


Photo 6:

21' x 12' (6370mm x 3640mm) LoLine QC VF Garden Studio

Photo 7:

12' x 9' (3640mm x 2730mm) LoLine QC5 Garden Office

Photo 8:

12' x 9' (3640mm x 2730mm) LoLine QC5 Garden Office

Photo 9:

Mercedes Benz sales office...

Hi Iain, Absolutely delighted as exactly what we wanted. Many, many thanks for your great service and please feel free at any time to call in OR to buy a car from one of our many franchised Dealerships! I am certain we would look after you! Cheers, Andrew

Andrew Smith 
Divisional Manager 
Ridgeway Mercedes-Benz & smart


Photo 10: Front view of the Mercedes Benz Sales Office in Portsmouth.

Andrew contacted me because he needed a sales office in an area where Porsche, Mercedes, Audi and VW main dealer showrooms surrounded him. He was concerned because all the options he'd seen "looked like sheds or portacabins". The QC was the only option he had seen which excited him whilst being within a realistic budget. All with the added bonus of a truly zero maintenance exterior. 

Photo 11:

27' x 12' (8190mm x 3640mm) LoLine QC VF

Note the internal partition walls to give a kitchen area and space for a toilet in privacy from the rest of the office.

Photo 12:

Andy Tarpey very kindly emailed this photograph of his QC6 garden art studio.

Andys art studio features 2 large "Picture windows" to help inspire Andys pottery and his partner Jaynes painting.

Photo 13:

21' x 12' (6370mm x 3640mm) QC6 Garden Studio With French Doors.

Note the "skirting" below the windows.

As the studio was installed on an existing patio this created a gap which has been filled with the skirting.

Please allow for the expense of skirting if your studio site means it is required.

Photo 14:

Anthracite Windows Corners & Fascia On A 15' x 12' QC6 Garden Office.

15' x 12' is 4550mm x 3640mm internally.

The exterior size is 16' 10" x 13' 10" or 5100mm x 4190mm. This was a very tight installation with only 4.5 inches (110 mm) on either side. Such a tight installation is possible because access isn't required to paint or stain the exterior walls as they are zero maintenance for 25 years.

Also note the "skirting" below this garden room which is an extra cost.

Photo 15:

"Old And The New" - A QC6 Garden Office Installed at the rear of a lovely old church.