Portable Superior Garden Studio

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Truly Zero Maintenance

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Photo 1: These garden studios have light oak zero maintenance walls. This is a new option. (The exterior walls are normally green or grey). There is an extra cost for this finish as the materials come from Italy and please note that the "oak" steel only has a 5 year guarantee (3 years near the ooast) as it is not plasticoated. Scroll through this gallery for more photos - also, Alex and I discuss this installation in this VIDEO HERE

Photo 2. Closer view of the Garden Studio with Light Oak steel walls and stainless steel Balustrade. The nearest Garden Studio is used as a home recording studio and office - it measures 18' x 12' (5460mm x 3640mm) and features large 6' x 6' (1820mm x 1820mm) "Picture Windows" on the side and the front. Curtis has fantastic views so wanted to make the most of them.

Photo 3: View across countryside and the tennis court.

Photo 4: Full View of the Light Oak Walls.

Also note the gravel on the Garden Studio roofs - this is included for free with every garden studio. The gravel is on top of EPDM rubber.

The EPDM rubber is very functional with a 30 year lifespan but it's not very pretty. The gravel topping looks far nicer than just the rubber and also helps with reducing rainfall noise inside your garden studio.

These Garden Studios also had Air Conditioning installed - you can see the external units of the Air onditioning which for cosmetic reasons are hidden at the rear of both Garden Studios.