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Photo 1: This 15' x 9' (4550mm x 2730mm) LoLine QC6 garden office features a 6ft (1820mm) "Picture" window. We always discuss the frontage from left to right so this is...


Photo 2: Note the gravel roof on this 9' x 9' (2730mm x 2730mm) LoLine garden office.

The gravel roof topping is free with every QC6/7 and QCB garden studio. The gravel is close to maintenance free and helps reduce rainfall noise within your garden studio. It also adds to the insulation of your garden studio roof.


Photo 3: Gravel roof on a 12' x 9' (3640mm x 2730mm) LoLine QC6 Garden Office

Photo 4: Garden Artist Studio with large 6' x 6' (1820mm x 1820mm) "Picture window" in the middle of the frontage

Photo 5: Closer look at the large 6' x 6' (1820mm x 1820mm) "Picture Window". This simply replaces 2 full length windows and gives an uninterupted view from inside your garden studio. Alex and I discuss this in this VIDEO HERE.

Photo 6: 15' x 9' (4550mm x 2730mm) LoLine QC6 Garden Office with 6ft (1820mm) "Picture Window" on the front and a fanlight window on the left side.

Photo 7: 15' x 9' (4550mm x 2730mm) LoLine QC6 Garden Office with half window on near side wall.

Photo 8: Garden Studio with Half Windows and French Doors.

This is a 24' x 12' (7280mmx 3640mm) QC6 with a flyover roof and decking.

Photo 9: Decoupled floor for treadmill to sit on in your garden studio gym. This helps reduce the vibration of running on a treadmill away from the whole studio. It can also be lowered as in this photo so as to help taller people on a treadmill.

Photo 10: Decoupled floor for treadmill to sit on in your garden office gym

Photo 11: Large garden studio for use as a library.

John - the owner of the studio emailed this photo to me saying "Interior is beautifully light and airy."

This is his wifes studio and will be used for storing all her many books. John already has his own garden studio from us which he uses as his office.

Photo 12:

Solid Panels On A Garden Office instead of glass.

You may want this for maximum privacy.

The glass can be easily installed at a later date if required.

For example, if you move your garden office to a new home and then want windows instead of solid panels, it is very simple to swop the solid panels for windows.

Photo 13:

This trapdoor built into a garden office floor means access to a manhole below the garden office is easy and convenient.

Photo 14:

Cat Flap installed in a QCB garden office.

The customer supplied the cat flap to our workshop so that they got the cat flap they wanted.

Photo 15:

Interior of QCB garden office with cat flap.

Photo 16:

Half windows are an option for the QC6 garden studios and they can be positioned anywhere on the studio - front, sides or rear.

Photo 17: Grey Laminate Flooring For Garden Office