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Photo 1: 20' x 8' (6.1m x 2.44m) QCB2 Garden Office Used By Designer.

Just an email to thank you for all your help with my studio. It has been just over a year but it is finally finished outside. (which is why I waited to contact you so that I have some finished pics)
Thank you ever so much for all your help, the studio is fantastic and an excellent quiet space for me to do my design and illustration work.  I had some bookshelves added in so that I can display all the children’s books that I have worked on. It is also a handy space for my two cats to rest in as they installed my cat flap for me too!
If there was anybody interested in a studio then I would be very happy for them to visit here.
Thank you again for all you help.
Kind regards,
Rebecca Wildman

Photo 2: 12' x 8' QCB garden office.

Our most popular sizes are - 8' x 8' (2440mm x 2440mm), 12' x 8' (3640mm x 2440mm), 16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) and 20' x 8' (6010mm x 2440mm). We can also supply smaller and larger than this:)

It also comes in various colours. You get the full story if you click here.

Photo 3:  16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) QCB garden studio with anthracite windows, corners and flashing and merlin grey walls. These are the standard colours. 

Photo 4: The New QCB Garden Office With Flyover Roof On The Frontage. This garden office is the 16' x 8' model in all anthracite grey. (It looks like black but it's just the camera exposure.)

Well, what can I say? - I am absolutely super impressed with the QCB, it really is fantastic!!! I can definitely recommend the flyover roof already, as it brings a touch of class to the overall look and I know I will be grateful for the protection it offers on rainy days or if we ever get to it, the summer! Thanks again for all of your help, Yours sincerely, Chris. PS Very happy to be on the 'show room' list of people if it helps.

Photo 5:  Light Strip used in the QCB garden office. This uses LED low wattage long life bulbs which are moveable along the strip and completely adjustable.

Photo 5b:

This "just installed" photo shows the fact that every QCB garden studio has a gap below it to maintain an airflow. This means rising damp is never an issue. Alex does not advise blocking this in as the air flow is required. He says planters in front of the gap would be the best solution or decking, as decking has lots of air gaps maintaining air flow.

Photo 5c: Another "just installed" 16' x 8' QCB garden office showing the gap below the studio. This customer is adding her own decking to finish off the look and provide a step into her studio.

Photo 6:  QCB garden office showing an open tilt window for ventilation.

 You get the full story if you click here.

This is a 12' x 8' (3660mm x 2440mm) QCB Garden Office. The expense of a concrete foundation is not required. Simply email your postcode to get the cost of delivery for your 12' x 8' QCB garden office. 

Photo 7:  Interior of 16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) QCB garden studio used for a yoga class. You can see a "Virtual Tour" of a 16' x 8' in the 3rd one down at this link...

Photo 8: 16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) QCB garden office with anthracite grey windows, corners and flashing and merlin (light) grey walls

Photo 9:  16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) QCB garden office with anthracite grey windows and merlin grey walls

Photo 10:  16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) QCB garden office with anthracite grey finish

Photo 11:  12' x 8' (3660mm x 2440mm) QCB garden office with anthracite grey windows. merlin grey walls and light oak corners and flashing. Note the small connector box on the side of the QCB where the armoured mains cable attaches. Once attached, it powers up the interior fuse box, double sockets, lighting and air conditioning if you have it. Also note that the "oak" steel only has a 5 year guarantee for it's colour fastness.

Photo 12:  Matthew & Helena sent me this lovely photo of their 16' x 8' QCB garden office sitting at the end of their London garden.

Photo 13:  Dawn Adams had a 16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) QCB garden office installed in her garden and said...

"I’m over the moon with the studio, it looks beautiful."

Many thanks


Photo 14:  Thank you Booths, this is my new 16 x 8 studio!

It took the guys 2 days to complete and I love it and it's getting a lot of attention on my facebook page, everyone loves it! Thank you Iain for answering all my questions and thank you Matthew, Steve and Liam for doing such a great job of building the studio and being genuinely nice guys! You guys are an asset to Booths!

Jackie, Hastings.

Photo 15:  Rosie said...

Good morning Iain,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased we are with our garden office install.

You can see some more photos of Rosie's QCB garden office by clicking here...

Photo 16:   Interior Of QCB 16' x 8' Garden Office (4880mm x 2440mm) sent to me by Matthew and Helena Green.

Many thanks Matthew and Helena!

Photo 17:   20' x 8' QCB garden studio (6.1m x 2.44m) garden office. This size is now available for rental, as well as the popular 12' x 8' QCB and 16' x 8' QCB garden offices.

You can see info about renting by clicking here.

Photo 18: 16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) QCB garden office with anthracite windows and walls with oak corners and flashing. The "oak" steel only has a 5 year guarantee for colour fastness so if the site of your QCB will be in constant full sunshine you might want to go with our other colours. The "oak" steel is a different material from Italy - it doesn't have the "Plasti-coated leatherette finish" that our other colours have.

Photo 19: Close Up Of 16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) QCB Garden Office

sent in by Gregg Price who said...

Hi Carmen,

Could you pass on our thanks again to the guys who fitted the studio, they were fantastic and I wish they worked for me lol!
We were amazed at how well they worked and how they managed to get everything finished in 1 (long) day.

Photo 20: Gregg Price Garden Office...

"We absolutely love it, and can’t wait to get our garden finished so the kids can start using it. We have shown a few friends and they, like us, were all blown away by it."

Photo 21: Hi Carmen.  I’ve included two photos to show you how well the QCB looks after we had the paving done and added a bit of a decking step that I stained as well as some really good fake grass. Please show the install team how well its turned out. 
In fact it impressed our friends so much that they’ve gone and ordered one too (Abraham Williams). Apparently you’re installing in May.
As for Sandra, yes no problem. Give her my number and we can arrange for her to pop over.


Paul Vaughan

Photo 22: Big thanks to Paul for his lovely comments and helping spread the word!

Photo 23: Andy -  the owner of this 16' x 8' QCB garden office fitted a UV film on his garden studio windows which give them a "mirror" look. He also opted for oak windows, corners and flashing with juniper green exterior walls.


Photo 24: 12' x 8' (3660mm x 2440mm) QCB Garden Office Nestled In A Small Garden.

Trish said...

Hi Carmen and Iain, 
My garden studio was fitted yesterday by your wonderful team. I absolutely love it and can't wait to get all my stuff in there (nor can my husband!). 

Photo 25: 12' x 8' (3660mm x 2440mm) QCB Garden Office With A Pond View. Note the gap below the studio which is required to maintain a constant air flow around your studio.

Photo 26: 16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) QCB Garden Office With "Windows On 2 Sides" Oak Corners & Fascia with Anthracite Grey windows.

Photo 27: Swimming Pool With 6.1m x 2.44m (20' x 8') QCB garden studio overlooking it.

Photo 28: 8' x 8' (2.4m x 2.4m) QCB Garden Office. The 8' x 8' is the internal space and it has an exterior size of 9' x 9' (2.7m x 2.7m).

This garden office always has the door in the middle and it opens outwards.

Amazing value for money and completey zero maintenance.

If your really stuck for space we can supply an 8' x 6' QCB garden office and we can have "windows on 2 sides" of you want more daylight and views. Contact us for your project:-)

Photo 29:

This is a "Just Installed" 20' x 8' (6.1m x 2.44m) QCB Garden Office.

You can see that as this garden office has been installed on a slope, that the office is low at the back but a gap appears at the front because of the slope.

Sarah could have had the garden levelled but this would be expensive, so she will just add some steps to her garden office door and some plants across the front to cover the garden office feet.

Photo 30:

This 16' x 8' (4.88m x 2.44m) QCB garden office has "oak" steel walls.  These steel walls have a shorter 5 yr guarantee against fading as they are not plasti-coated like our standard 25 yr steel grey walls are. 




The oak finish is more expensive as it comes from Italy. Please ask for a quotation by clicking here.



Photo 31:

16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) QCB Garden Office With "Windows On 2 Sides" Oak Windows Corners & Fascia

Photo 32:

This QCB garden office was a very tight installation and unusual in a couple of ways:

1) The customer was desperate for a garden office but will be moving house soon. So they kept the normal windows on the long right side even though they are presently pointing into their house. Once we move it to their new home they can position it more conventionally.

2) This garden office also required a trap door (see next photo) so that access to a manhole below the garden office was possible.


Photo 33:

Trapdoor for access to manhole below a QCB garden office.

Photo 34: 12' x 8' (3660mm x 2440mm) QCB Garden Office. This customer used plants to cover the gap below her studio.

Photo 35: 12' x 8' (3660mm x 2440mm) QCB Garden Office with Oak windows, pillars, fascia and drip bead. The walls are merlin grey (light grey.)

Photo 36: Rental studio...this garden office is being rented. It's a 20' x 8' (6.1m x 2.44m) QCB Garden Office. Click here to see more info about renting a garden office.

Photo 37: 16' x 8' QCB garden office with "windows on 2 sides"

Photo 38: QCB 12' x 8' Garden office with anthracite windows and oak corners & flashing.

Note the plastic skirting covering the gap below the garden office. The skirting has a 12 month guarantee and you must be careful when strimming grass near it as otherwise it will be damaged:-) Our gaurantee does not cover damage from strimming.

While on the subject of strimming - windows can be smashed by stones thrown up by strimmers - be careful!

Photo 39: We can install QCB garden offices in very tight spaces and can actually get within 2 inches (50mm) of your boundaries. We can do this because the walls require zero maintenance for 25 years and because of Alexs design which means your garden office can be assembled from "inside the room". There isn't another supplier who can get as close to your boundaries.

Photo 40: We can now supply 6ft (1.8m) depth QCB garden office so when you only have a small space available or in this instance, an 8ft (2.4m) depth would have covered a doorway, then we can still give you a great space to work. Please note the cost is the same as the 8ft (2.4m) garden office as it's actually more work for us to reduce the size.


This garden office is a 12' x 6' with the door on the side.

Photo 41: A cute 8' x 8' QCB garden office 

Photo 42: Note the PIR outside pillar lights on this 20' x 8' (6.1m x 2.44m) QCB Garden Office Studio

Photo 43: NEED A SMALL GARDEN OFFICE? NO PROBLEM...We now supply the QCB offices in 6ft (1.86m) depth if required.

This cutey is an 8' x 6' QCB garden office which fitted perfectly where the customer wanted it.

This is 2.4m x 1.86m internally and 2.69m x 2.07m externally.

We have even installed an 8' x 4' for one customer with only a small space available.

Photo 44:

Garden office at the top of garden steps 16' x 8' QCB garden office.

Photo 45: This QCB garden office was installed in a tight space with a severe slope. The customer didn't want windows looking into a brick wall (the back of his garage) so we substituted some windows for a wall. This is a new option for the QCB design.

Photo 46:  8mm V Groove Oak Finish Laminate In The QCB Garden Office

Photo 47: 16' x 8' QCB garden office with "windows on 2 sides" and 3 pillar lights

Photo 48:

12' x 8' QCB Garden Office With Oak Windows, Anthracite Corners and Flashing and Merlin Grey Walls

Photo 49: 20' x 8' (6.1m x 2.44m) QCB garden studio just installed.

Photo 50: Andrew Bennett kindly sent some photos of his 8' x 8' QCB which he uses as an electronics workshop. It was installed in July 2017 but still looks like new.

Photo 51: Inside Andrews garden office workshop.


Note that he has put up his own shelving by simply screwing into the mdf walls.

If you have heavy shelving then screwing either side of the wall joining strip will also go into the CLS timber for a more solid fixing.

Photo 52: Beautiful 16' x 8' QCB Garden Office in the countryside.

Photo: 53.

16' x 8' QCB Garden Office installed in a very tight space.

Note how close the office is to the fence on the left side - this is possible because the latest QCB garden office has the downpipes hidden in the corners.

Also note the mains connection has been positioned on the corner post to give better access to it.

Photo 54:

The latest QCB has the option of flyover roofs on any side...

This customer went for a 20' x 8' garden office with 4ft Flyover Roof and 6ft decking 

Photo 55: Countryside view of a 16' x 8' (4.88m x 2.44m) QCB Garden Office

Photo 56: Balustrade For Garden Office.

We can now supply a full glass balustrade for decking which makes it safer and doesn't spoil the look of the garden studio in the same way that timber balustrades would. Contact us for prices.

This is a large 24' x 8' QCB garden studio which can be installed without planning permission if you can be 2 metres away from each of your boundaries as here.

Photo 57: 8' x 8' (2.4m x 2.4m) QCB Garden Office From Booths Garden Studios.

We now also rent this size if your cashflow needs a hand:)

See rental information by clicking here.

Photo 58:

16' x 8' QCB2 Garden Office With Anthracite Grey Windows corners and fascia and Merlin Grey Walls

Photo 59:

QCB 16' x 8' Garden Office with Anthracite Grey Windows Corners & Fascia & Merlin Grey Walls

Hi Iain
We're delighted with our new studio.  The guys worked non-stop and did a great job. 
Have sent pics to all our friends and family!
Thanks again
Warm wishes

Photo 60: 12' x 8' (3.66m x 2.44m) QCB Garden Office with decking.


Note that on the right hand side windows that one of the windows is a solid panel.

Photo 61: 12' x 8' (3.66m x 2.44m) QCB Garden Office with 4ft (1220mm) Flyover Roof

Photo 62:

16' x 8' QCB Garden Studio which has been moved to a new site. All of our garden offices and garden annexes are portable. This is very important...it means you can take it with you -

it remains your asset.



If your circumstances change you can sell it onto a third party.

There is a huge demand for used QCBs.

Photo 63:

16' x 8' QCB Garden Studio with "windows on 2 sides"

They also had 2 doors for entry into their garden studio.

Photo 64:

This customer went for the "oak" steel walls which have a shorter 5 year guarantee (the finish may fade if subjected to heavy sunshine but wiill never rot as it is galvanised steel). He also had a 4ft flyover roof supplied by us but he iinstalled his own decking.

Mike said..."

Its been over a year since our QCB went in, very happy with it still, been a godsend with kids working from home etc."

This is a 20' x 8' QCB garden office - thanks to Mike Binns for the photo:)

Photo 65: 20' x 8' QCB Garden Office with planters. Lisa says...Hi Stuart. Thought I’d send you a picture of the studio a month in. I have made a couple of raised beds and some steps for the outside to hide the gap at the front as the ground slopes away. They are sectional so moveable(ish) and yes, there’s a gap between the building and the whole thing so air can circulate (sides are clear). My husband had difficulty envisioning what it would look like bedded in so I thought I’d share for if anyone else is also struggling as you don’t have many pictures of them from the outside after a while. Colour is screwfix no nonsense garden paint “slate grey” and is a perfect match.

We have recycled rubber stepping stones across the grass. Love it ????Kind regards, Lisa.

Photo 66: 12' x 8' QCB Garden Office with "Oak" Corners and Fascia. Please note the steel "Oak" has a 5 year guarantee.

Photo 67:

12' x 8' QCB Garden Office Installed In Dublin

Photo 68:

12' x 8' QCB garden office with flyover roof.

Note the downlights in the flyover roof.

Photo 69: Paul says...

Dear Stuart, We could not be happier with the final result and the whole process!!

You made the process very simple and clear. Everyone has been relaxed yet professional, and the 6 guys who dealt with each aspect of the build and setup were all very pleasant to deal with. We really cannot recommend you all enough!

Thanks again Stuart. Kind regards, Paul & Jodie Austin

Photo 70: This photo shows a 16' x 8' QCB studio with a 8' x 4' Forever Shed next to it - smart!

Photo 71: 12' x 8' (3.66m x 2.44m) QCB Garden Office 

Note the gravel roof which is more attractive to look down on than black rubber:-)


Everybody loves wood - but we don't always enjoy having to look after it and even the most expensive cedars need staining if you want to preserve the look - if you don't - it goes a silver grey, often with dark stains.

The QC Studio is truly zero maintenance for at least 25 years.

 That's what QC stands for - "Quarter Century". A quarter century of not painting or staining your Booths Garden Studio.

I have an article "WHY DOES TIMBER NEED LOOKING AFTER? here.