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Photo 1:

21' x 12' (6370mm x 3640mm) QC6 Garden Studio with 3' flyover roof and 21' x 8' decking.

Also note that Richards next door neighbour also has a Booths Garden Studio (in background) - a 16' x 8' QCB.

PHOTO 2: "His & Hers" Garden Offices - overlooking a tennis court and beautiful rolling countryside these garden studios feature flyover roofs and decking. As they were installed on a severe slope and at a great height, the balustrade was added for safety.

The nearest studio (his:-) is used as a garden office and home recording studio and the furthest away studio (her's) is used as an office. These garden studios also feature "light oak" exterior walls.  Alex and I discuss this installation in a VIDEO HERE.

PHOTO 3: This beautiful garden studio layout was designed by the owner - Neil. As well as a 3ft Flyover Roof, he also had a 6ft (1.8m) "picture window" installed to enjoy the view of his garden. Alex and I discuss the picture window in this VIDEO here. 


Neil shows us the water supply for his garden art studio in this VIDEO HERE.

PHOTO 4: This superb low maintenance garden was designed by our customer - Jane - she is an artist and she does sculpting. She has a 15' x 9' (4550mm x 2730mm) QC VF with a 3ft flyover roof and decking. Jane uses her garden studio to do her artwork. You can see Alex and I discuss this installation BEFORE the garden studio was installed, in this VIDEO here.


15' x 9' is 4550mm x 2730mm and refers to the interior space of Janes garden studio.

PHOTO 5: Situated in Fraserburgh, Scotland (yes - we do get about:-) this stunning location shows a 12' x 9' (3640mm x 2730mm) QC VF garden studio with french doors on the frontage and two side windows. Pamela, the owner said the fact that we have the guarantee the 25 year guarantee was the final clincher for her.

(She hasn't regreted her decision to go with Booths:-)

PHOTO 6: Another stunning location: This large QC VF garden studio is situated in Snowdonia with incredible views. It's a 24' x 12' (7280mm x 3640mm) and has a 3ft (910mm) flyover roof on it's frontage and a 12ft (3640mm) flyover "dining area" on it's left side. The whole family can enjoy a meal and some drinks overlooking Snowdonia.


(When the flyover roofs are larger like this, they require support posts)

Alex gives us a little tour in this VIDEO HERE.

PHOTO 7: This is a fitness garden gym studio installed in Chorleywood. it has a very large (9ft) flyover roof on the frontage which means that on a hot summers day, the workouts can be conducted outside. The interior has an air conditioning unit but Helen works outside whenever she can.


It's a 27' x 12' (8190mm x 3640mm) QC VF.  I discuss the studio with Helen and Alex in this VIDEO HERE.

PHOTO 8: This VF (Veranda with Flyover Roof) garden studio has a "partial" flyover.

John and Daphne were interviewed on their swing chair by Amanda Lamb for the TV programme "My Flat Pack Home". The studio also has a shower and toilet installed to save having to go to the house.


Alex and I discuss the garden studio/office layout in this VIDEO HERE.

PHOTO 9: 21' x 12' (6370mm x 2640mm) LoLine QC VF Garden Studio Annexe just installed.

PHOTO 10: 15' x 9' (4550mm x 2730mm) LoLine QC6 VF3 Garden Studio installed in a beautiful devon garden.

This studio has a 3ft (910mm) flyover roof with a 6ft (1820mm) decking to relax on.

PHOTO 11: 15' x 9' (4550mm x 2730mm) garden studio summerhouse with side flyover roof and decking. This garden studio was installed on quite a severe slope with no concrete foundation required. Note the "skirting" - filling in the gap below the garden studio and the lawn.

PHOTO 12: 27' x 12' (8190mm x 3640mm) LoLine QC VF.

This large office has a 3ft (910mm) flyover roof and decking below it. It also has as an internal partition wall to divide a small area for a kitchen and toilet for the staff working in the office.

PHOTO 13: L shape garden annexe with small flyover roof and large decking

PHOTO 14: L shape garden annexe with small flyover roof and large decking

PHOTO 15: Installed in July 2015 in London. This large garden studio annexe has a shower, toilet and kitchen. It features a 6' "Picture Window" on the left side. 

PHOTO 16: 15' x 12' (4550mm x 3640mm) garden studio with 3' (910mm) flyover roof.

PHOTO 17: John Hollingworth said "We are very happy with result (photo attached) are were impressed by the installation team, led by Pix. Their craftmanship, thoughtfulness and attention to detail were much appreciated. Overall we are very happy with the studio and with your work and organisation. We would be happy to receive visits from anyone in our area considering purchasing a studio from you. It helped us a lot being able to view a couple before committing. Well done!

12' x 9' (3640mm x 2730mm) QC6 garden office with flyover roof and decking.


Photo 18:  This is a very large garden studio used for dance classes.

It is 48' x 12' or 14.56m x 3.64m.

To handle the dancers the studio has extended walls.

Photo 19: Garden Office With Pyramid Steps On The Frontage.

Also note the down lights in the flyover roof.

Photo 20:  Garden office with flyover roof - note the support pillars

Photo 21: Yes - This Is Actually The UK!

Lovely Garden Office In London.

Thanks to Andrea for the photo of her 15' x 12' (4550mm x 3640mm) QC6 garden office with 3' (910mm) flyover roof on the frontage.

Photo22: 27' x 9' QC6 - You can have a flyover roof on the front, sides or even the rear. The flyover roof gives your studio a classy upmarket look as well as adding shade from rain or sunshine. it also creates a different "feel" - it feels good. It must be some sort of pre historic instinct that we all have, probably derived from millions of years of finding protection and comfort below trees. 

This Garden Studio has a flyover on the front and down the side and overlooks a large pond. A glorious place to spend some time relaxing on a summers evening with a few drinks. Alex and I discuss the studio in this VIDEO here.