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My garden has a severe slope - can I still install a garden studio?

Iain answers...

Yes - the base system used for the QC Garden Studio is extremely flexible. Not only does it eliminate the cost and hassle of laying a concrete base (it's fine to lay on an existing concrete base if it's already there), but it can accomodate very severe slopes - one end of your garden studio can be up to a metre higher than the other end.

We have installed lots of garden studios on slopes - we don't need to do a site visit - we simply need some photos emailed or texted to us so we can assess exactly what we need to bring to make your installation as smooth as possible.

As long is your site is clear of bushes, trees or any other obstacles, then your garden studio can be installed. It can also be over different surfaces - grass, soil, gravel, concrete - the unique "FabSlab" base system can cope with this. 

The photo below shows a 18' x 12' (5460mm x 3640mm) LoLine QC garden studio on a severe slope. Andy who owns the garden studio and uses it as an office says he feels like he's "working in the woods" - which he was really pleased about.

The gap below the garden studio was eventually filled in with "skirting' to hide the base struts and finish off the look.

garden studio on severe slope

The photo below shows the "skirting" which can be installed if you want to cover the gaps...

Garden studio installed on a severe slope


If you have the studio skirting onto grass, we have to install brickwork as this helps protect the skirting from strimmers...

garden office with bricks below skirting



Alex and I discuss the skirting used for the garden studios in the video below. The skirting can be light oak, anthracite grey or black...


The 18' x 12' (5460mm x 3640mm) QC6 below is used for sculpting so required a good strong base and to be able to cope with a severley sloped garden. Conchi was very happy with her studio installation...

Garden art studio used for sculpting


This photo shows a 16' x 8' (4.8m x 2.44m) QCB with extra support struts required as the legs were longer than 200mm on the left side. This saves the expense and hassle of doing major groundworks...(please ask for price for this option)

Garden office with extra leg supports for ridgidity and strength.


Adding a few flower pots or trees around your garden office helps blend it into your garden and makes it look like it's always been there:-)...

QCB gardn office on a rainy day