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In this video I discuss the high spec windows and glazing used on the exciting QCB garden office...


Insurance rated locks with 3 keys provided - who will you share your QCB garden office keys with?...

Door handle with 3 keys for the QCB garden office

Photo showing the hooks and bolts which help make the QCB garden office door extremely secure...

Hook and bolt on a QCB garden office door

In this video I discuss the electrics "tower" which has the consumer unit for the mains sockets and the surface mounted lighting track...Please note that the fusebox has been uprated to a larger steel unit to comply with the latest regulations...


The photograph below shows the clever light strip which can take a number of bulbs, all of which can easily be positioned whereever you want. The bulbs can also swivel so if you want more of a reflected light than a direct light, you can easily point them at your garden office walls and ceiling, rather than directly on your work area.

The QCB 12' x 8' garden office comes with 3 bulbs but more can be added for a small cost...

Light strip used in the QCB garden office


The bulbs supplied are led, low wattage, long life. 

The light fitting positions are incredibly easy to adjust. I was very impressed by them:)

Close up of light fitting used in the QCB garden office

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Hi Iain,

Thanks for arranging the fix on our studio so quickly. Tom and the other fitter did a great job today.

We love our studio and continually recommend Booth, not just because it's a great product, but because your support and customer service is first-class.

Best regards,
Elliot Wilscher