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One of our prospective customers eventually decided to have a local builder build a cedar clad garden office for them. I asked "Are you treating the cedar or leaving it to weather"?

She answered...

Hi Iain,
We've put 2 coats of Osmo UV protection oil on it hoping to preserve the lovely colour but we can already see that the colour is losing richness where there's constant sun (not even been THAT constant this summer!!) 
We plan to re-oil it annually and hope for the best - we don't want to become slaves to it!! 
cedar clad garden office
So many companies say that cedar is zero maintenance - it quite clearly isn't.
If you want a truly zero maintenance exterior that will maintain it's "just installed" look for 25 years then the QCB and the QC6 are the only design in the U.K which fits the bill...

The QCB "basic" garden office...

(best value garden office in the U.K...)

QCB garden office 12' x 8' with anthracite windows and merlin grey exterior walls

The upmarket QC6 garden office...

(top spec garden studio with loads of options and flexibility...)

9' x 9' (2730mm x 2730mm) garden studio used for hairdressing

This is how the cedar or pressure treated timber ends up if you don't paint or stain it regularly...

cedar clad building which has had no treatment
You can see more information on why timber needs looking after here.