Portable Superior Garden Studio

Unique 25 Year Guarantee

Truly Zero Maintenance

No Deposit Required

Iain here…We have literally hundreds of Garden Office, Garden Studios, and Garden Pod all over the UK.  See maps below to get an idea of just how many Garden Office we have installed.

(I had to put the locations on 2 maps because I couldn’t fit them all in :-)

If you email your post code I can see if we have a Garden Studio near you which you can visit. We won’t ever be there so there’s no pressure from us. (Big thanks to all our customers).

I did an analysis of how many Booths Garden Studios there are in London, and on average you will drive past a Studio every 9 minutes.

Outside of London, you are usually no more than 25 minutes drive from a Studio.

If I organise a visit for you, it may not be to our very recent model since we are onto the QC5 now but the QC1, QC2, 3′s and 4′s all have the Zero Maintenance exterior so you will still get a very good idea of how the Studios look. I use google maps to organise the locations.

Once I know your post code, I check which Garden Studios are near you, then I email our customer and see if a visit is convenient.

Once I know it is, then I will email their contact number to you so that you can arrange a mutually convenient time.

Hope this helps.