Portable Superior Garden Studio

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Photo 1:

Vinyl flooring which is waterproof, hard wearing, quieter to walk on, and warmer than conventional laminate flooring. Also available in "oak" design. 

Photo 2:

Beauty treatment garden studio

Photo 3:

12' (3640mm) studio wall with 4 half windows

Photo 4:

Lots of work being done in this productive 12' x 9' (3640mm x 2730mm)  QC6 Garden Studio

Photo 5:

Thank you for all your help with this, and for all the patient emails while I decided exactly which size and layout of studio I wanted. I have moved all my stuff into it now and started painting in my new studio yesterday. It's really great to have the space and all the windows with the garden around me while I work. It looks really good from the house as well and doesn't look too obtrusive, despite the size in a relatively small garden.
I'm very grateful for your help throughout.

All the best.
Thank you again


Photo 6:

Interior of a garden studio used as a yoga studio

Photo 7:

Garden Studio with electric drum kit. This studio has an interior of 18' x 12' (5460mm x 3640mm)

Photo 8:

Same garden studio with home recording setup and lots of guitars.  

Photo 9:

This garden studio was built mainly for when Emma's parents visit so they have a double bed plus a shower and toilet within the studio. Emma said..."Please feel free to pass these photos on and to any other prospective customers !  It's in use almost constantly with family and friends queueing to stay!"

Photo 10:

This is another view of Emmas garden room for her parents.

Photo 11:

This is the garden office interior of a 16' x 8' (4880mm x 2440mm) QCB garden office kindly emailed by Paul Vaughan.

Paul said...

Hi all
Just wanted to say thank you once again for the QCB. Wife has moved her piano and music stuff into her studio!

Photo 12:

12' x 12' (3640mm x 3640mm) garden studio for financial advisor.

Jeremy didn't have blinds as his garden is very private and he wanted to enjoy the full view of his beautiful garden. The french doors will be wide open on a sunny day.

Photo 13:

12' x 9' (3640mm x 2730mm) Nail Bar garden studio installed in Inverness Scotland.

Phot 14:

Fanlight windows - this customer installed these high windows on the rear wall of his garden office because he wanted extra light from his rear wall but the rear wall overlooked a main road, so the fanlight windows were the ideal solution to get more daylight, without passer bys being able to see into his garden office.

Photo 15:

Double bed in garden annexe studio