Portable Superior Garden Studio

Unique 25 Year Guarantee

Truly Zero Maintenance

No Deposit Required

Deborah Meaden with Alex Booth of Booths Garden Studios

Alex, the MD of Booths Garden Studios, was given a Smarta Award which highlighted top innovative companies - companies who were “game changers”.

The panel of judges included Deborah Meaden and the fact that Alex’s garden offices are zero maintenance along with unique guarantees (like “we’ll take your garden studio back if you don’t like it!”)

Booths were seen as a company at the forefront of the huge surge in the popularity of garden rooms.

The figures back this up showing that Booths turned over half a million in 2009,  £1M in 2010,  £1.2M in 2011 and £1.5M in 2012 - All of this growth during a dire economic outlook for the UK economy.

The QC Garden Studio has been the backbone of this growth. The “QC” stands for “Quarter Century” since the exterior of this garden studio needs no maintenance for at least 25 years.

Everyone is very busy these days so not having to spend weekends painting or staining a garden studio to maintain it’s looks, is very appealing.

Timber inevitably changes it’s look as it gets older whilst the QC doesn’t. Booths actually stopped supplying timber studios in January 2012 for these reasons.


Alex Booth and Theo Paphitis from Dragons Den


Alex also met Theo Paphitis and one of the "new" dragons, Piers Linney ( below) at the Smarta Awards in London.


Piers Linney and Alex Booth at the Smarta Awards In London