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Hi there,

Iain here - I got a lovely email from Rosie White about their new 16' x 8' QCB garden office.


They had it installed at the bottom of their garden - or I should say - at the bottom of their forest.


Rosie's stunning garden turns into a forest, within which they have installed thier new QCB garden office...

16' x 8' QCB garden office installed within a forest


Due to the distance away from supplies you might think that getting services to it would be difficult but...

Rosiies works for a company called Amica and her email said...


Good morning Iain,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased we are with our Garden Office Booth install.

Such a secluded spot, it looks fabulous but has also changed both Steve and I's working day no end. The little commute down to the garden and a dedicated work space means we have been able to really enjoy remote working. I have attached a few photos :) ...


garden office which is 16' x 8' and installed in a forest


As I personally work with a Loxone Home Automation Partner, the garden office is also now fully automated in terms of security, lighting, heating and power (we supply hard wired and wireless solutions). We are increasingly asked by clients whether we can supply automation to external work buildings/outbuildings. 


We work with a number of Hampshire, Dorset and London based architects, interior designers, property developers and home owners on a wide range of home automating projects.

You can see what we do at our website...http://amicaelec.co.uk/


Forest with a 16' x 8' qcb garden office installed


Iain here again...

"Thanks for your feedback Rosie. Your QCB blends in lovely with your garden/forest!"


If you are interested in automation for your garden office you can call Rosie on 01202 237774 or her mobile 07870 668631.

If you'd like a QCB garden office in your garden (or forest:-) simply contact us by clicking here...


Hope this helps.


Many thanks,